White widow - Is this calcium deficiency?

These leaf splotches seem like they happened almost in a single day. Do I need to add calmag?
It is at 5 weeks going on 6 tomorrow
Strain: White Widow CBD Autoflower
Soil: FFOF with perlite in 3 gal grow bag
System Type: soil in 32x32x63 tent
Ph Of Runoff Or Solution In Reservoir: Haven’t checked because I don’t water that heavily for runoff but ph of tap water is 7
What Is Strength Of Nutrient Mix? Ec, Or Tds: Haven’t used nutrients, just FFOF
Indoor Or Outdoor: Indoor
Light System, Size?: Roleadro LED 1000W and Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLC32D Compact Fluorescent Spiral Grow Lamp, 32 Watt, 6400K top and side lights for better coverage
Temps; Day, Night: Night: 70, Day: 72
Humidity; Day, Night: Used a humidifier first 3 weeks but now tent humidity with 4 plants is staying around 55-60%
Ventilation System; Yes, No, Size: Vivosun 4"
Ac, Humidifier, De-humidifier: none
Co2: No


Looks like a PHOSPHORUS deficiency. Also you should have been adding cal-mag and adding nutrients along time ago. From what I’ve read, you are in preflower, Which means you need to start adding nutrients to your water, especially bloom. The bloom nutrients help with the phosphorus deficiency. I’m a new grower as well. If I missed anything I’m pretty sure @BobbyDigital or @Randy_Marsh can point you in the right direction.

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Pics won’t load for me so I’m going to have to back a little later. This part could be causing whatever issue. If the plant is established they should be getting a good soaking. Dry spots in your soul will not allow for nutrients to be released. It’s also important to check your soils ppm occasionally to see what the nutrient level is so you know when to start supplementing nutrients.

Once you start supplementing nutrients, you’ll want to water to runoff to help prevent salt build ups. Unless you use an organic nutrient that you’re top dressing or brewing in teas. If that’s the route you take then you’ll want to water to the point of very little run off.

I’ll check back to see if the pics load for me.


Hi… Thanks for the reply! I thought that I had read if you are just using FFOF as your grown medium, you don’t really have to add anything. I did order some Cal-mag which will be in Saturday. I hope that it isn’t too late. I do have the 3 bottles of FoxFarms nutrients. I can start adding the bloom-based one, Tiger Bloom I think its called. I’ll double check. I hadn’t used any up to this point.

Ok, thanks Bobbydigital . yeah, let me know what you think. I have been giving them good periodic waterings. I’m a tech geek so I actually have moisture sensors tied to a real-time data feed watching them constantly. It is interesting to see the line graph go from basically 100% and then watching the plant consume the moisture. I let it get down to be dry and then repeat. I dont let it stay in the dry as a bone state, but I did want to make sure the roots get some breathing and not be moist ALL the time… When you can see the pictures, let me know. Thanks!

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Fox farm soil can only take you so far. What ever nutrients is in the soil , the plant will definitely use it up overtime. Once the plant start showing deficiencies than you know it’s time to add nutrients or once you test the ppm of your runoff. If you don’t have a tds meter or a ph pen I suggest you get one before you start adding nutrients. Also I’m
Not Familiar with Fox Farm nutrient solution. I use general hydroponics three part solution. ( micro grow and bloom). In theory they should work the same way, but I’m not sure. Can only speak on what I currently use.

She is definitely hungry the nutrients in the soil only last 3-4 weeks for the most part you have to start adding nutrients at that point also FF nutrients are strong so start with half strength and work youre way up id 100% start youre tiger bloom and big bloom asap as well as the calmag once it gets in once the calmag arrives make sure they are mixed in order Calmag,tiger bloom, big bloom

Well only one pic will load (not sure why) but the one that will I am seeing calcium. You will definitely need calmag with fox farms nutrients. For whatever reason there’s just not enough in them. When I ran them it was usually magnesium that it was light on so I made sure to mix in some epsom salt with them. This is the feed chart if you don’t have it. Start at the week you’re in. From the pic that will load looks like you may be a week or two into flower. I’d start around 1/4 strength of fox farms recommended amount and 5ml of calmag per gallon.

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That’s what my widows did when they had a calcium deficiency . Shows up around 3rd week of flower

Yup definitely a Calcium deficiency. Those spots spreading everywhere.

Like said above usually pops up early into flower or after 5-6 weeks of veg with good lights. Add a dose to ur watering habits n she’ll be fine. May not get back gorgeous (unless ur vegging, then new growth will be lushy green) but she should stop getting progressively worse

Ok, thanks for confirming everyone! I didn’t have any calmag on hand because I swore that I read with FFOF you didn’t need it - rookie mistake… I’ll know for next time! Yeah, and that timing is right at the 5 week mark and today starts week 6. I hope that she isn’t damaged too badly from this mistake. I’ll be anxiously awaiting Amazon delivery on Saturday so I can get it in her asap.

What is the dilution ratio per gallon of water for it? My other 3 varieties aren’t showing this - YET. But I’ll go ahead and use it on all 4.

This has been the slowest 5 weeks of my life…Arg!

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Being an auto, I’d start light. 2.5ml per gallon. If you still see it coming from your new growth, bump it up to 5ml (teaspoon).

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Hi all! Thanks so much for the time you spend looking at posts from newbies like me and responding. In my case, I have noone else to go to for help…

An update on my WW. I did get a few doses of Cal-mag into her. I went on the light side and alternate with just water.

Several of the leaves aren’t looking very good. Is she going to hold on long enough until I can harvest or have I really messed up? The trichomes are there but still very clear. Today starts week 7 and I do have lots of light if that has sped things up or not.
I don’t think the buds got very big - of course this is my first time even being around a growing plant so I dont know…

Should I pull off those basically dead leaves?
Is there anything else I should be doing?
Is it time to to flush?

After this, I need to turn my attention to my other 3 varieties. All started at the same time but they are a little slower and still have pretty good green leaves.

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I would (and do) remove the damaged leaves. Makes it easier to see if it has stopped or is still appearing. Easier on the eyes and doesn’t stress you out to have to keep seeing it too.

They still have a long way to go it looks to me.
Beautiful colors on that close up.

WW Auto 49 days .

this from @Chip303
Very similar but with same deficiency corrected.


The stage yours is in , I would classify as “Full Flower”. Expect at least 6 more weeks. Pistils (hairs) will darken but new white ones will continue to form When they are mostly all dark while checking trichomes as well.


She’ll be fine. Get her through this misstep and ull be cruising to lbtown (ok maybe not lb town but a oz or 2 hehe) in a few weeks