Need help identifying the culprit causing this problem

This is happening to my outdoor plants

Looks like you have some pests chewing on them.

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Yes indeed but what. I’ve googled and can’t find the answer. Hoping someone can shed some light.
I’ve looked all over the plant (top and under the leaves ) and don’t see any bugs.

Not sure just by looking at damage. Try looking with magnifying glass or something. They are obviously around somewhere.

I have the same thing on 1 of my plants. I’ve inspected every inch looking for the critter (i used a jewellers loop). I did find a very small grass hopper looking insect (lest than a 1/4 in long). It was kind of pale yellowish green. They blend in really well. I found the one after I shook my plant.
Started spraying with a garlic,soap concoction

I didn’t get a picture of it before i squished him

Might be caterpillars.

Look at the main stem near that leaf damage, especially for an entrance wound. They will burrow into the stem and eat the plant from the inside.

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NOT leaf miners. NOT mold. NOT cutter bees. NOT caterpillars.

leaf cutters will keep working in one section and make bigger holes.
suggest you consider the nutrients aspect.

I suspect caterpillar chewing marks. I got the same damage earlier on and was puzzled as I couldn’t find the culprit. One overcasted morning I caught a caterpillar in action and quickly execute it samurai style with my pruning shears. I read more of it and learned that they are more likely to be moth caterpillar rather tan butterflies, and they are more nocturnal so it’s hard to find them.

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Look with a magnifying glass under the leaves. Some of my leaves look exactly like yours. We took pics with our phones and zoomed in… and there is definitely an insect there. We just don’t know which one it is

Looks like aphids or thrips. Leaning towards thrips.