Does someone know what this is?

Does anyone know what this is. Out of 30 plants growing its the only one is doing this. Thanks

Looks like something is eating it… :thinking:


It does look like something is eating it, but I can’t find any pests on it, it’s only happening to the new growth on it and none of my other plants have been affected.

Check for grasshoppers and green caterpillars. They can be hard to spot amongst all the green foliage.

Also cutter bees :honeybee: will do this kind of damage… :+1::wink:

Never even heard of cutter bees and haven’t seen any bees in the greenhouse but I’m researching them now just in case.:+1:

Can’t find anything except a few spider mites, I’ll keep checking for them though.

I had similar damage to my plants last summer in my outdoor greenhouse (in Aus). It wasn’t until I quarantined them inside that I discovered a few small green caterpillars and a baby grasshopper. Also had a spider mite infestation. Have since started an indoor grow. Hope you find the culprit/s! :crossed_fingers:t4: