Need help figuring dosage of my tincture!

I guess I’m just confused! After watching a lot of YT vids it’s blowing my mind. I made 3 cups of tincture with 16% flower and the yield was about 2 3/4 cups. Please help me figure the milligrams per cup. This how I figured it out, look over it and let me know if I’m right and if I made a mistake PLEASE show me how to do it. I took 1000x 20g= 20,000 then x by .16= 3200mg multiplied that by .85 for loss= 2720mg. Here’s where I get confused, is that for the whole 2 3/4c or is that per cup? Which in turn I would then multiply the 2720 by 2.75 to get total batch? Any info is GREATLY appreciated!

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My very basic understanding is that 1oz of real sugary sugar leaves can be QWET concentrated into approximately 1-1.5g of concentrate. That same 1oz of trim is very likely going to equate about 120ml of fluid in a tincture concoction, so the best way I can convert this is as such:

1g of QWET concentrate = approx 750mg THC.
1.5g would be about 1,125mg of THC.

pretending you got the same yield (high end) from your ounce of bud that I got from my ounce of sugar leaf and larf, we could estimate each ml of fluid is 9.375mg of THC (assuming a rate of 1125mg per 120ml)

That’s making a lot of pretty big assumptions about potency and yield, but that’s how I’d get there.

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Does something like this help:

How much flower did you use? What’s your extraction/infusion method?

How did you figure loss? Just kidding. 0.85 is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

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Yeah, I would say one of the on line calculators would work… I evaporate my tincture (QWET) all the way to dabbable wax (Concentrate)… that way it is easy to dose. I would recommend doing that if you really want an accurate dose.

You make the QWET but evaporate all the way down. If you want a tincture, you could then add the exact amount back to the alcohol (or oil, whatever you are using).

1 gram of concentrate = approximately (pretty close) 750 mg THC no matter what the THC% is of your starting flower.


Thanks for asking, I used 3 cups everclear with 20g in the ongrok on the 130* setting for 8hrs

Lol I know what I’d do, I’d just try a few drops and wait but I’m a dumb ass

.16 (nominal THC percentage) times 20 (the amount of flower) equals 3.2 grams or 3200 mg. 2 3/4 cups is 22 oz. 3200 mg divided by 22 equals 145 mg per oz.


Thank you Myfriends410

An ounce of buds yields about 6-8 grams of concentrate. Each gram of clean, purged concentrate contains about 750-800mg cannabinoids.

From there, just do your math to make your doses. I usually divide 1 gram into 10 80mg servings.