Need advice with my ladys

Noticed little spots on my 2 lady’s what is going on I have checked all levels… what am I missing please help 7 weeks into grow and they r auto flowers been giving them lots of love ease help?

You will get both more and better feedback by posting pictures taken in natural (white) light.


They look pretty healthy. A few blemishes among the lower leaves is pretty normal and not really anything to worry about.

They do look like they’ve had a little too much nitrogen. I would back off feeding for a week or so.


Thank you very much… I have took care of these lady’s like u should and I was getting worried no feeding for them then thanks alot I figured another 3 weeks and there done…

You’ve got longer than that. It looks like they are maybe 3 weeks into flowering, so probably at least 5 weeks.


There r auto flower… says 8 to 10 weeks but I also have been treated them as regular flowers but I’m not a pro grower what I know is from reading and growing my own veg garden lol… ? When should I change my light schedule? I’m on 18 light 6 dark…

This is measured starting when pistils first appear at the tips of the plant.

Autos don’t care about the light cycle. 18/6 is fine for the entire auto lifecycle.

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Thanks again for the help greatly appreciated

I second this opinion. Some of the pictures showed “the claw” which is what plants do when they have too much access to available nitrogen.

They look fine give them time to do their own thing.

Just wondering on time I should harvest these lady’s? I believe it’s really close to it… Anythoughts would be great

Plants look nice; however, you have several weeks to go. Look at the pistils; they are all white. Wait until the majority have turned brownish and begin to recede into the bud. Once that period arrives, get yourself some good magnification tools and check the trichomes for the desired effect. More amber will yield a more sedentary effect; more cloudy/clear yields more of a head high.

Keep on it.

Continued success.

I’m not sure about several weeks… They are auto flowers and going on 9 1/2 weeks… I think maybe another week