Need advice one my dwc in 80x80x80 inch tent

Got this set up so far waiting on 4 mars 960 watt leds n 2 6in in-line fans I can only grow 6 plants in ca so I wanna get the most out of it wanna kno wat strain to start with p.s I’m a new grower.
Want strains with big yield would love a pound a plant probably pushing it but that’s the goal

Just look at the description of each strain in the bed bank site. Cali dream and big bud to name a couple

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Looks nice you could try are white widow and super skunk and super silver haze are all great beginners strains will be watching :wink: and welcome to the forum if you need anything tag people @Firelinks like that @ in front of the persons name happy growing

@Hogmaster thanks a lot jus waiting on lights n vents might try those out how should I go about nutrients have dam near the whole advance nute in my eBay cart don’t want to spend all that money if I don’t have to but will if needed to get big taste buds been doin a lot of research n I see a lot of ppl use it

I use Remo fox farm and gh never had any problems with taste even with the cheap gh it’s all in the cure my friend find what works best for you :wink:

@Hogmaster thanks man really appreciate it

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Anytime the gh is super cheap and works really well @Firelinks

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