Need advice on when to harvest

These are my cousins plants here. He started them sometime in Jan this year. We were under the impression they were photo’s. But around the end of March this year they started flowering even though their environment remained the same. So now that it appears he’s growing autoflowers, we’re wondering around when they’ll be done, as this is his first grow and I’ve never grown autoflowers.
Like I said, they started producing pistils around March 25th, which puts them at about 10 weeks of flower.
Anyone have any advice as to when to harvest? We don’t have a loupe or anything to check trichomes, is the issue.


Loupes are cheap on amazon but if its not possible id say when your pistils turn red.


I already have one picked out on Amazon lol We’re just working on a small budget. I’m definitely gonna get one before it’s time to harvest the photo’s this fall.

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If you can let it go further, it will get bigger. Might have to support the buds.


Did you happen to start these indoors under 18/6 or more light, and then put them outside where they were getting less than 14hours of light?

@Drinkslinger He did do that, but in this case these plants had started flowering about 3 weeks before they were moved outside and were inside under the same light schedule.