Need advice on what this could be

My 3 week old Tropicana cookie has little yellow spots on its leaves I have 7 altogether and it’s only on one plant the rest look happy and healthy could anybody help as too what this could be caused by.

I’m only using water as and when needed any advice would be much appreciated as I’m a new grower

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Looks like medium is a tad hot. See some nitrogen claw on a few leaves. What are they planted in? I’d just keep on keeping on with the water.


Just miracle grow bud how do I go about stopping the nitrogen claw?

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Miracle grow is not recommended. This is because it has time released fertilizers. Either you transplant to something else or you ride it out and hope for the best. I believe the real trouble will come when they get hungry. You will have to feed, then when you feed and get hit with time released fert you didn’t count on causing problems at a potentially critical point, likely in flower.

I would probably bite the bullet now, transplant to a friendlier soil.


Some growers have been successful using Miracle Gro but I am sure its not common to have a successful grow with zero problems. Time release soil nutrients isn’t cannabis friendly soil.

I would dig up some soil before using Miracle Gro and transplant immediately.


I am also using MG. I used it on my last WWA grow with good success. Just grew too damn tall and got a couple light burnt buds. But thats it. Other than that it was good. Gonna start grabbing up some bags of coco for the next grow. Gonna hangout and tag along if ya don’t mind.

Those are my GSCA that I’ve got in MG now.

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Miticle grow dosent have a canabis specific blend it might have 6 month 9 month feed but dosent have micros in ratios optimal to cannabis
Usually yellow spots is a calcium deficency which would make stence in MG dosent have optimal ph as far as I can remember its probably set to 7.0 instead of 6.5 or 5.8 with coco soiless mixes

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Thank you so much for taking the time too help me out I will order me some canna Coco from Amazon I may just keep these in mg for now but use the Coco on the next one already planning on doing 5 white thunder next

make sure the coco is buffered

@pillsbury what you mean by buffer it mate like fluff it up or sive it as I pot the plants?

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So when you rehydrate you’re coco make sure you add cal/mag and a lite 1/4 strength veg nutes to the water. Ph ( buffer) that water before rehydrating the coco coir brick


I listen to many on here say to buy your coco pre washed & buffered so that the PH is correct. @Nicky can tell you more about it as he uses coco & thinks its the best option. I haven’t tried it yet but thought if your going to use that you should be aware of the PH issues in coco.

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Corse mate I’ll keep you updated on this till I’m finished and research the Coco at the same time keep me posted how yours come along bud

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I just installed my new exhaust fan and reinstalled the older one to the intake. Hoping my Temps drop.

It’s true I have said that often @pillsbury.

However even I’m learning I had an interesting deeper conversation on this topic recently and it’s due for some experiment now that the market has changed.

Almost all coco you can buy (excluding reptile coco) now is pre washed /low sodium. This used to be one of the main issues, seems to be less of an issue now but of course read the lable carefully to ensure.

As far as buffering goes you can buy pre buffed stuff or very easily buff it yourself at home with dechlorinated tap water and adding cal mag. Those with really hard water may be able to buff their coco with their hard water but ideally you should have your wster tested to understand how much calcium and magnesium is in your water.