Need advice on topping

I’m growing a local strain that is leggy outdoors in good sun. I’ve topped it a couple of times, but the new shoots also get very long. I would like to train more of a bush with less height, but if I top it again now, I’ll be cutting off most of the growth that came from the last topping. I don’t want to bend them super wide because I’ll be cramped for horizontal space in my bloom room. Any advice on how to trim this plant to get it more full? Or should I just let it do it’s thing?


if going sideways is out of the question then i would just leave her be… she is looking great tbh

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Do you have room for some supercropping? That can help greatly to compact the plant and widen in specific directions.

In the middle of this photo you can see my new invention. It’s a stem spreader made out of soft vinyl tubing. A slot cut in the bottom of both ends allows it to slip over the stem and stay in place. The tension of the vinyl keeps the two stems spread apart to let more light into the interior. If you need more stiffness, a little bit of iron wire inside the tubing keeps it straight.

Dirt cheap, made as needed.

Rather than topping again you could try fimming it. That should help sow the upper growth and let the off chutes grow up to catch up with the upper growths. Or you could try supercropping those upper branches to reduce the height and it would also allow the lower branches to even out your canopy.

Think iam in right place now lol question is should I top my girls a few more times iam trying to scroug them starting to come though the wire super skunk if wounding little over a foot yall and very bushey