Need advice. 35 days sugar leaf trichs are amber

Hey all just looking for some friendly advice. 35 days into flowering. Started sugar leaf is showing signs of amber wondering if this regular to happen this early?


Do not even check tricomes until all those white pistols are orange, she is still building, you are only 5 weeks into flower, and they always say here don’t look at sugar leaf, they do mature faster, you need to concentrate on the little bulbs with the pistols. That is a very frosty bud my friend and looks like you are doing a great job, wait till the plant looks finished. I’d say another 3 weeks. Indica run 7 to 10 weeks of flower, Sativa 8 to 12 keep up the good work. :+1:

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Pistols ≠ fruit ripeness.


Check them throughout the grow, it does look like you still have a bit to go. You don’t check sugar leaves because their trichomes mature faster, make sure you are checking Bud sites rather than sugar leaves. It does still look like you have a while to go as well.

You have another month or more easily.


Hey thanks for the advice. Shes the anerican pie strain derived from white widow and power plant. Manufacturer says 63 to 70 days. That accurate?

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That is flowering time. So your timing is around two weeks after flipping (photo) or once pistils are seen (auto).

Well my friend the I ignore the growers ranges, not very realistic. Because you need 49 to 70 days just in flower, 63 days would only allow for 2 weeks veg with a 7 week flower, thats not even allowing seeding stage or transition to flower. The only thing to keep track of is flowering time. Like I said 7 to 10 weeks for those indica strains, I know brown pistols doesn’t equal ripe bud, but as long as the plant is throwing a bunch of white pistols she is still building and needs more time. You are doing great man patience is the key :+1: Happy growing man