Need aAdvice On Potential Bud Rot

Hi, I’m currently growing Super silver haze from ilgm and would like some advice on how to move forward. I’m about 8 1/2 weeks into flower and noticed a some bud leaves on the bottom nodes that were a nasty dark brown color and seemingly wet, I assumed it was bud rot and cut it out. My humidity has been fairly high, oustide and inside. With watering my plants it seems to be out of control even with my dehumidifier. Somewhere in the 70% at night and 45-50% during the day. I have fans moving constantly but not every part of the plant is receiving air since they are so big and crowded.

My question is, should I trim the fan leaves at this point to have more control for the last week, or just ride it out. Most of my hairs have darkened, probably 60-70% and my trichs are mostly milky on the buds and a few amber. I just flushed a couple days ago because even a very small amount of nutrients is burning them at this point. All help would be appreciated

Oh, and I’m growing in coco, ph is good at 6.2 and they’re seemingly happy. I had a day right when I set them to flower that my power went out. They say in dark for a good 16hrs. Showed pre-flworers in maybe 10 days. Buds are pretty hard, and they smell amazing. Seems like they’re pushing the end, just don’t want to screw up the last 7-10 days.

Some of the leaves in the undercanopy could go, but most look pretty good.

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Awesome thx. That’s around the spot I found it too, more in the middle though where the air doesn’t circulate.

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