Need a little help reading the leaves


Well here goes nothing. having a hell of a time loading images but our internet is crap…remote locale.


trying to load more now
Is it a big deal that my seedlings are not really out of the pot and not getting what tiny circulation is available?


ty for the welcome
didnt see this earlier,forgive me.

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@jorkvilleyoe Gm you plants looking good don’t worry so far looking healthy and tall,
Yellow marks looking probably from water them, some drop feel on the leaf and burn the leaf nothing to worry just water the soil

Just little light stress, nothing to worry :green_heart::christmas_tree:

Happy growing :metal::+1::green_heart::christmas_tree:

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Welcome to the community, Seedling look happy no worries.

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ty for the welcome.

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would i be ok watering very conservatively with a 25% strength solution of fish poop?
Im talking like a ml or two every 3rd day and straight 7.0 ph and EC=0 H20 otherwise as needed.
What say you?OI wasnt going to start nutes for another week at least unless advised otherwise.


this poor thing was busy treading water unable to get its head above water.Ive been staring at the top of those cotyledons for 3-4 days and knew something was up.
it was also running on one cylinder with a cotyledon unable to shed its hull as if it was glued on.I gave it a drop of water ,gave it 2 minutes and took it off once the moisture had loosened that naturally occuring adhesive.
Will it survive?
I for one certainly hope so,thats gotta be some good xy and z when you cant get step 1 correct.

Looks to me like you might be over watering alittle bit, In my solo cups, when they’re that little, I measure out exactly 10 ml of water/nutrient mix. Then water in a circle around them. As they grow bigger, I got to 20ml then 1/8 cup, so on. I am in coco however. Hope that helps. It will help the little ones grow faster and healthier.

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@Highwayman420 So you water 10 ml of H2O and nutrients?
Once a week/day? Per plant?
I’m doing the indirect circle thing…
My plants are just 7 days old rt now with 2nd set of real leaves just showing up.
What Par value are you running your lights at?
I’m keeping them under humidity domes with slits cut in each side because the humidity level inside the tent is only about 29-31% and thats with a little tray of water in there . The humidity domes are simply cheapie sandwich bags with rubber bands keeping a decent seal at the top of the solo cup.
They only take 5-10 PAR off for the effort.

Ya once they are past the early stages and have leaves. Until then, I spray the coco damp and spray the inside of the dome. I use nutrients from the time I begin actually watering to 2 weeks before harvest.

I use this as a baseline measurement guide, but adjust as the plant tells me.

and what determines your target DLI or range?

Also you’re in peat I am in soil of Ph 7.5 and EC .58 trying to get the ph down .need to trans plant in 4-5 days.

Lol not a clue, I just use the above chart to get it near where I need it on the ppfd and then dial it in using the below chart. I can’t even begin to describe the in’s and out’s of DLI. I’ll tag a moderator to assist. @dbrn32 can you explain DLI better? In all honesty, I don’t get all worked up on the exact DLI my plants get. I try and stay within range and go from there as the plants dictate.

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That’s aittle high for soil. I stayed within 6.5-7.0 when I was in soil. Use PH up and down from General Hydroponics to adjust.

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@jorkvilleyoe thanks for the tag
Sorry i was busy :sweat:
Look overwatering on seedling stage plants don’t need wet soil just moist so is important just spay you soil not you plant and used some dome to raise HR

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Here is information on using DLI.

I suggest you look at the chart with the red line on the top, and it helps immensely to get the Photone app. They have it for both Android and iPhone.

Once I used that, it was very easy to keep my lights dialed in properly. I can’t be bothered doing conversions, etc when it’s been done for me.

I have the app and the 80 wt buffer on the lens,and I’ve been very conservative with the jules out of caution due to my full on lack of experience,by the book until i gain enough experience to even have an opinion much less instinctual hunches and other benefits only attention,commitment and time can provide. Ty for sharing yours with me.

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They are basing targets off of published studies. Some info posted in link above, if you scroll around the web shouldn’t be hard to find a few.


Thanks brother for answering the tag.

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