Nectar of the gods sample worth it?

So, anyone use these? $65 for a “sample” seems high, But you do get 6 quarts and 2-8 ounce bottles, any thoughts are appreciated.

“Shipping and handling to your zip code is $65.00

Our sample cases come with a quart of Gaia, Medusa, Zeus, Demeter’s, Athena’s and Herculean Harvest. As well as an 8-ounce bottle of Khaos and Olympus up. It will also include a feeding schedule.“

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I think it’s a good deal, but most seemed to have struggled using the complete lineup. I believe there are a couple of the products some pretty talented growers specifically liked, but I think they use them to supplement different brand of base nutrients.

@MattyBear @blackthumbbetty care to weigh in here?


Thanks for the response @dbrn32!
Still looking for a soil nutrient, may just go advanced nutrient if NOTG is not that great.

There is certainly no shortage in options. When I was growing in soil used mostly earth juice stuff with a few supplements that were outside of the line. It’s a little finicky to use.


I use Earth Juice’s Original 5 plus a few supplements from other companies, such as NFTG Demeter’s Destiny for a Nitrogen free pure Calcium additive & their Persephone’s Palate as a microbe & bloom booster.

There are a few threads on here by those who have succesfully used the full line.


I’m using the spartan regimen now which Is the same thing as the sample, I love their product the only thing I can reccomend if you are using r.o. water make sure to supplement calmag or atleast calcium with your feeding. Definitely download the grow bible if you’re serious about using it as well and if on Facebook join their group also last but not least subscribe to ocgfam show and watch as much as you can stand lol…
If you have any questions feel free to fire away.

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