Nectar for the gods

Has anyone tried this line of nutes? And with what re solutes? Thinking about changing nutes and look for a a good one. Nectar for the Gods

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Never heard of it…sorry

B Safe

Yes, I’ve used Nectar for the Gods for about 3 years. Great product out of Eugene, Oregon. They are organic and they have about 15 products or so. You can mix as simple as 4 parts, or as advanced as all 15. It’s a calcium based nitrogen source, not real sure what that is, but it seems gentle on the plants and quality of the buds/smoke are second to none!
I switched to another line of organic nutes for about 6 months, I got tired of mixing the formula, I was using 9 ingredients, but went back to the Nectar after I noticed the quality dropping.
Check it out :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply :grinning:im using this line now just the four part not bad so far.

Sounds like good stuff :slight_smile:

Need some pointers on when to start using call mag

Do you have you own thread this one has been here for two years lol
If you can you post at me into it or start one then tag me
I would need to see your plants and know a little more about your set up
Anyway if you start a thread tag me in and we will get you fixed up