Natures living soil Auto concentrate?

Actually, I just had another thread about this very thing. I’ve stopped using that brand of calmag. I now use calimagic which has less nitrogen. Yes! I too had a deficiency going. I contacted the company and they basically had me do a mini flush and add a top dress of the concentrate and also unsulfured black strap molasses.

I think my problem is I was watering too much at a time. I read somewhere you want 5-10% runoff but with this stuff, you don’t want runoff, or a lot of it anyway.

Hey @Ganjagetaway I jjs recently got NLS girl flower power an wanted to ask you gave your plant only that from week 5 ???BTW you got some lovely plants

Yep. I stated to implement the flower power around week 5 after she started to go into her flowering stretch. I’d start to use it about 1 to 2 weeks after you notice the pre flower stage. This technique was used for auto flowering varieties. Worked great. I got about 3 oz. per plant, which is awesome for autos. Harvest was 10 weeks from seedling stage.

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Wow that’s great dude yea the most I ever got from auto was northern lights 3.4 oz … I was hoping my gorilla glue I jus harvested was going to top that weight but I notice buds are so fluffy an airy the bottom half finished hang drying an its lil pop corns… An top half is big fluffy buds some have a lil denseness to them but jot so much… I’m now trying to learn to get dense buds … But IMA try that 1-2 weeks with girl flower power an see how it works I’ve had to use I.L.G.M flower time to bring color back to my super lemon that in coast of Maine growers mix I notice she keeps going light green almost yellow then starts greening again then I notice she faded some I gave more flower time an notice the perk up u think I’m under feeding m plants ???

That’s awesome dude. Sounds like you’re doing everything right, you could try feeding a little heavier to maintain consist green coloration, just increase nutrients or amendments slowly to prevent nutrient burn.

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My grow started awesome with this as a super soil and o

nly used water until week 4 when I did compost tea and now week 6 I have problems I don’t know how to correct…lol

Top dress I ran into same problems what week 6 veg or flower ???can u show rest of plant please give better idea of what’s up I had same problems I top dressed her n another time I used biothrive bloom 2-4-4 n it helped also checking you pH??? N pH of run off n what size pot??you could b running outta room, it could b ph issue

Your plants need the right nutrients and fertilizers to grow healthy and strong!

Many growers in this thread have had great success with Natures Living Soil Auto concentrate, which is a popular choice. But there are also other options that might suit your needs better (such as Jack’s 321 or our own Bergman Fertilizer).

If you want to learn how and when to apply the best nutrients for maximum yield, check out our guide about the best nutrients for weed.

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I have used autoflower super concentrate an the organic super concentrate I do run jacks 321 I run fox farms as well flora trio I’ve used gold leaf one step nutrient witch is awesome I jus top dressed her with some neem seed meal, lil bone meal, threw I’m some tomato secret by dr.jimz n black cow compost on top of it w/ earth worm castings n no I didn’t do all this at once was over course of a weekwa

Was thinking of trying out Cali hot soil … wishni could get my hands on sub cools charge pack them things were amazing gave me the best tasting smelling smoke ever black widow was the bomb

I’m growing in it as we speak new to growing my 1st 3 grows i got more patient and learned to trust the plant it will tell you a lot NLS/HF is great and really worry free mix