Mystery seedling popping up out of soil

Hi all, very inane question born purely out of curiosity here.

I was transplanting some clones in my grow tent earlier today and spotted this little guy growing in one of the pots:

I just took inventory of all seeds and there’s none that aren’t accounted for; the number I have is exactly equal to the number I bought minus the number of plants in my last grow.

Where did this come from? The only thing I can think of is that I re-use old soil in a 3:5 ratio of old:new, can cannabis plants grow from root fragments?



I have never had one grow from old roots. But I have many many times had dud seeds sprout up 6mo the or even a year or 2 later in reused old soil.

I have a theory that they will sometimes sit dormant a season and then pop up unexpectedly for genetic diversity. Just like “jack” salmon runt males will come back out of sync with its population to spawn unexpectedly with its not genetic peers. Or in the next drainage. Outliers for sure.

I have seen this A LOT over the years. Bank seeds and home seeds.


Must be catchy… :rofl:


Its a bonus

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It’s called spontaneous generation, life popping up from nothing. Strange coincidences happen too. I just got back on the site because I found a seed I lost five weeks ago just a minute ago. It’s spent five weeks wet without popping up until now, I wonder how deep it was. Super Silver Haze is back to 100% successful germination.


I’d transplant her! She’s worth saving. Tough ole girl!

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Worth a try I suppose. I’ll try putting it outside. The big plant is going to have a massive root structure there, might not come out.