Mystery bugs no idea

Ok guys need some help here. No signs of bugs anywhere. Plants are thriving looking sexy…these started to show up the past couple of days and I am stumped. Nothing on undersides of leaves or in the stem crotches… they do not move and will fall rite off if I touch them. Not in clusters or groups. They crumble if squeezed. Not oily sacs or squishy! No idea


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Not sure on that one @Jbudz
Maybe @garrigan62 or @Countryboyjvd1971 knows. I’ve haven’t seen anything like that.


Is this issue double posted? I feel like a few of us have already commented.

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It looks like trichomes enclosed in a sac, but I’ve never seen that either…

No idea. Maybe sap being expressed and drying in little balls? Too early for any kind of THC production.

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what about these in my runoff pans

They kinda look like baby snails

@garrigan62 see above pictures @MattyBear

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@Covertgrower Those things in the pan were squirmy and jumpy to try to explain it…

Ok, after two days researching I believe I know what these critters are.

Here is my pic … there COMPOST BIN WORMS


You never stated what type of soil you are using and where you got it from.
These critters are infested in your soil.
I really don’t think you have anything to worry about but let’s wait and what you can tell us abut that soil


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Check in the soil. Especially moments after watering. Looks like some type of mite or gnat droppings/ empty egg shell/damage.

@garrigan62 @Dr.DankThumb420. I’m using fox farm ocean forest. With some pearlite added. Literally as soon as water hits the catch pans I saw those tiny white things in my drain pan(s), nowhere else. And no other bugs or signs. I applied the DE last night so I’m hoping it works.

@Dr.DankThumb420. Yea I cant put my finger on these things showing up on the stems/stalks…the white springtails in my soil and runoff make complete sense to me now! But I’m still stumped as to what these little balls are!

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It’s them and I knew it was that dam FF those ass clowns have the worst soil besides …well hell had a brain fart … can’t think of that other brand…but i’m sure you know or someone will say it …dam

Hey Doc how ya been buddy ?


@garrigan62 Nothing to worry about correct??

I really don’t think so. And my reasoning is that you would have seen damage before this time. I think that they came from their compost pile and from what I understand they cook their soil at a high temp to kill off all that lives and some how for what ever reason someone either didn’t do their job and took a short-cut or just didn’t give a shit if ya know what I mean.

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@garrigan62 yes all looks well besides those sack things or whatever they are on the stalks. They are healthy besides these couple ‘issues’ hopefully everything stays copesetuc and continues thriving. I’ll keep you guys posted on updates and progress

That’s perfect, look forward to your updates


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Hey @garrigan62 . Im doing ok. Getting ready to move to a new home so im boxing everything up. Looking for new homes that have additional space for a grow room, or a big enough garage to accommodate all my needs.

How about you my friend? How are you feeling?


Look at the top of the soil after watering. They will start jumping over frantically for a few seconds, after everything settles they go back under after a quick drink. If they are in the soil…

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