Mystery bugs no idea

@Dr.DankThumb420 I’ve only noticed them in the runoff, nothing on soil when watering.

All is well. No bugs. The white springtails are gone. Things are thriving

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Excellent, right on and happy growing.

Hey :wave:. I have a question? As soon as I open the bag of dirt and poured water on it little nats grown

Sounds like fungus gnats

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I’m new here and just trying to figure things out.
Not wanting to cause any confusion or step on any toes (except those of these insects…lol) but I don’t think what they are are worm larva…I have attached pic I have of them this morning in my saucer and they move…squirt…jump around (think of an octopus that uses water jets to propel themselves) and segmentation on them (body parts) don’t seem worm like based on what I could find on the web and in my red wiggler worm farm. I wanted to look through posts on pests before creating a new one with my question and found this post with critters that pretty much look like what I have too.
From the flushing I did they started coming out into the run off and may be what’s causing my leaf spots also shown as well as a small insect i killed and have a pic too. My larva may not be what was shown earlier but his description of their movement are the same as these.


My other 2 plants are also getting the spots on the leaves just to a much lesser degree at this time. The pineapple has been showing spots as you can see for 3/4 days now and is why I flushed them with epsom salt in ph,d water and also combined hydrogen peroxide solution near the end of the flushing and then added some Neem oil to the last flush along with minimal top dress of Neem meal.

I may be way off base here about the bugs but wanted to share my thoughts and also get get the communities take on what I am dealing with as well.

Maybe springtails? Which are found in compost bins / worm bins…still looking around the web.

I also have a short video clip of their movements but site doesn’t allow that format…



Well there’s one of two things you could do here it all according if your married … lol

If your not you could place the dirt in the oven and cook it at 250
that’s what I mite or just send it back. Ya send it back and tell them why your sending it back.
AND DON’T TAKE THAT BAG INTO YOUR GROW ROOM or you’ll have them all over the place.

Or you could just eat the cost and throw it in the garbage

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Wow. I already started to veg in them. 1/7 put in the dirt

Common white springtails…I think. They should be harmless from what I’ve been told

They are little black Nat looking bugs with wings

Just took this picture of it in Apple cider vinegar

You got 'em alright here is a pic of onr


Will they harm my plants

These are what I saw in my run off…

Look familiar lol

Ya they sure will. Cut a potato into slices and place on the soil and they will be all over it. then take it out in a plastic bag and toss it out


Haha sure will right now and will do it repeatedly if necessary thank you

I tried the potatoes and nothing got on them So now I got the dirt in the oven

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They arent good for em. I’d get rid of them!

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I was advised a week ago or so on here to use some de on the plants. That has seemed to work and hasn’t hurt anything in the process!


They are not gone…there are hundreds/thousands. Plants seem to be ok. Will these springtails hurt them??