Mylar, or flat white paint

How much difference is there really in refection of white paint to Mylar any one have experience with both? THANKs!

Look on YouTube a channel called MIGRO they are a light manufacturer but they have lots of test videos. One they did was on wall surfaces. White paint was better than nothing. Mylar was considerably better and diamond mylar was a slight improvement over regular.

I just added the video since I’m subscribed to their channel to save you the search.

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Mylar is better than flat white. My flower room is sealed with Panda film and it didn’t seem reflective enough so I put in mylar and it made the light a little better.

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Can some one drop a link to those LED strips and the materials needed to get one made you guys definitely caught my attention I’m super discreet down here in South Florida there is no legalities yet besides Medical Only and that’s very sketchy too but my buddy says good things about it can’t wait to be able to grow with a license like you in Washington must be nice I got to be top secret with everythingjl
I’m running about 1850 total Watts from the wall with portable AC and 725w of light I had to b******* the landlord and tell her I have a breathing machine that runs x amount of hours a day and and tell her I have a breathing machine that runs x amount of hours a day and I contacted the power company and got the rating on the machine and it was $35 a month which my calculations were about $30 a month in power to make her aware of the spike I would like to get the wattage down if possible I right now have to run a new circuit to my AC because I get bogging when everybody’s home in the building and it rips some kind of safety feature in my Transformer and causes it to shut down and since it’s hot it has a 20-minute cool down and restarts and then it’s at full power again after Maybe 30 minutes from the minute it shuts off and 20 minutes later sometimes it’ll bog out and shut off again and then I’m losing valuable minutes and hours every day who knows when I’m not looking how many times it’s happening so saving electricity with LEDs is definitely something I’ve been considering I’m fairly handy to I built entire grow room out of a pallet into pieces of drywall so I think I can manage to assemble a LED light I’ve actually been thinking about that the entire time how to get diodes drivers chips Etc to make my own so I’m very happy that I stumbled across this

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There’s a DIY light thread here that has lots of info. A lot of it will come down to room size and budget. I’m building a setup for a 5’x4’ room with 24 strips 3 driver’s and the heatsinks. Total cost going to come in a little higher than planned at around $480. But it should be more than enough power to cover my room completely. As for which strips it depends on size and which brand you can get cheaper. At the moment the Samsung strips are a pretty good deal. And @dbrn32 is the master at matching the amount of lights to drivers. It takes me to long to run the numbers to be much help lol.


Wth that480$ what does that money intail? Is that the cost for all the light parts only or the whole room and how much watts is that 480 gonna get you… are those single band 1 spectrum available or can you get any desirable spec. Or are they specifically for flower or veg or are they switchable lol tell me moooore lol

Simple math says 8 strips per driver

They’re 3500k spectrum which can be used for both veg and flower. It should come in at a little over 600 watts. And no that’s just the light and parts to build it in that cost. Lol my light will cost almost 50% of my entire build. But it’s one of the most important and it’ll last me years to come hopefully.

Yes 8 strips per driver on my setup. I will also have dimmers so I can adjust the power of each of the three sets.

Also different amount of strips can use different drivers. That’s where it gets confusing. I’ll tag you into my light build thread. Its all talk as I’m still gathering parts. Hopefully next week I can start putting it together.

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Can you shoot a few manufacturer names to google . For kits or price by piece much appreciated

This is a good site for info but they show wiring in parallel rather than series. Series is a little safer in that a problem should occur the light will just stop working. Parallel there’s a chance the lights can have a chain reaction of failures with a thermal runway.


Pacific Light Concepts
BC Blondes
Chill led
Ledgardener for information.
There are a few others I’m sure I’m not remembering.


I think you got just about all of them.

@fano_man there’s a few of us here that can help. That led gardener site linked above would be a good place to start if you’re interested in a strip build. If you have any questions post up and we’ll be happy to help.

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What’s a killer affordable DIY. Anything has got to be better then my ghetto blaster rig. Threw together a have s nice 400 HPs a 150 HPs and a 175 mh my room is 6.5 x 2 so my par was suffering on the edges with just a 400 dot get me wrong ts better then what I had I had a concoction o f CFLs which was pretty comical looking. But it’s still Frankenstein lol. So f you could tell me roughly what I need to replace that with a lil extra kick OK top of 725 watts which I bet isn’t even as good as 1 600 led or HPs in 1 fixture

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Hmm. Outside of of catching a good sale on some 560mm strips. Two 4 packs of qb 120’s at like $125 each and and two hlg-240h-c2100a drivers are like $60 each. Some aluminum to build a frame and other stuff you need to build could land you under $1 per watt which is baseline for diy builds. Would put you in range for what you’d be looking for ppfd too.

Otherwise if you have time to sit on a good discount code from arrow you would probably end up similar with Samsung or eb strips.


There is little comparison. Flat white is reflective. You don’t need to paint mylar. Read up man. Look at any reflective brightness comparison on line. Mylar is both cheap and tremendously reflective. You can buy it by the roll! Good luck either way you go man.:sunglasses:

I know it’s cheap but my walls were existing flat white is it really worth it pulling down my false wall dry wall taking all 12 plants out of the wall cavity putting up the Mylar and putting everything back together . Is the reflectivity 10 or 20x more or is it like 10 or 20% more reflective

The answer is… I’m not sure. Sounds like you’re real good already. From scratch mylar for me. Get into a forum with someone that knows more than me. Great people here. Dont be afraid to tag someone.@fano_man

Flat white paint is already around 90% reflective from what I remember reading.

White paint stays! Thanks folks @stretchgfw.1957 I’m not sure who’s who and knows more about what category … I no @dbrn32 is the light man maybe you have some insight on reflectve materials as well they DO go hand in hand