My White Widow Grow Journal 2021

Planted seedlings on 4/9/2021
Happy Frog Potting Soil
Roots Organics Terps Tea Grow
Jiffy Pellets
Water PH 6.3 - 7.0


7 Gallon Fabric pots
Lighting T5 8x4 (4)Power Veg 420’s by Eye Hortilux, (4) Agrobrites 6400K Full Spectrum
Will Veg until June 21 and then bring them outside till harvest 1 week today .


Off to a good start! Happy growing! Feel free to tag me if you have any questions!

Hi will do


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Welcome to the forum btw!

I forgot to mention that I filled every 7 gallon fabric pot 1/3 with soil, then I mixed in 7 tbs of roots organic terp tea, then I topped them all off with the remaining 2/3 soil.

Week # 2


Week # 3

I plan to top 2 of my plants, never done it before, most of what I have read is never do it before 30 days of vegetation and at least 4-5 nodes needed before topping… sound right?

Week #4

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Week # 5
Topped 3 of my girls…

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Week # 6

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Week #7

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Coming along very nicely



Week # 8 very happy with results, had to take 1 plant outside already, will be getting 4 x 8 tent next year.

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Looking very nice! I can’t wait to have a tent at this stage again…


How big is that tent you are using now?

Looks great, nice how you got it so spread out


My tent is a 4’ x 4’ x 80", I will go to 8’ x 4’ next grow

Week # 9 - I put the other 2 outside and kept my 3 toppers inside until June 21 2021.

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Week # 10 Last picture from grow tent, on Sunday these two will also go outside.