My seeds (x2) just popped and I have a couple questions if y'all can lend some advice id be most gracious

Wow , and so it begins! Two of my Sour D autos just popped, i have them in a dark place in a seed starter dome. They are each in a moist peat puck. My question is, how long should I keep them in the dome in the dark? No leaves yet, but its working its way up. What I intend to do is transfer the whole peat puck onto the top of FF Happy Frog with FF Ocean Forest underneath, inside of 5 gallon smart pots. Just not sure when I should do that. Once that step is done they are going in the greenhouse. Thanks very much y’all !

Once sprouted they should be under 24 hours of light for the first couple of weeks.

Peat starters suck. Drowning of seedlings is common.


peat pods and rockwool are famous for holding too much moisture and drowning seedlings. the rapid rooter type of plug works much better…moist but not sopping wet. I use the soak for 24 hrs, then place between paper towel…keep moist not sopping wet.
once baby has popped and tap root is 1/4"+ long…place in rooter plug.

They need to be exposed to light as soon as possible after breaking ground.