My seedling stem broke... ini

My Gorilla Glue Auto (GG) plant is like ten days old… it’s partially indoor/outdoor… morning sun to end of day light then at night under a 75wCFL… it’s in 60% Fox Farm Ocean Forest (FFOF) & 40% perlite… 15L bucket… simply because I’ve heard GG will do better if not replanted…
Yesterday, I noticed it got knocked over because it rained really hard… well it didn’t completely break but is def bent… probably because it was stretching and I keep building the dirt up and didn’t notice​:grimacing: And looser soil didn’t help…:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face: i have 2 out of the 3 that germinated cuz neighbors dog dug in my pots 3 hours after planting…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: couldn’t find one it which was acutally my best growing one… one is now growing a lil slow but this one was booming cause she didn’t get to it… Has pretty decent size leaves didn’t see them wilt or droop… Right after it broke I gently got the plant out of medium… got a clear stretchy bandaid :adhesive_bandage: wrapped the spot got Miracle-Gro plant training wire to put tape around it and the plant then placed a cut straw (vertically) placed from top of roots to cotyledon leaves And buried up to leaves… Will it live???

Probably they are quite resilient, I saw a member of the forum break his stem pretty bad and just held it together with a clothes pin and it pulled thru. Sounds like you need some good luck to go along with all that bad. Oh welcome to forum I always forget that part.

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I sure hope so it was my best plant… still seems to be ok… no wilted or droopy

These things happen I dropped a fan on mine had to pull it up with a paper clip.

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I’m sorry to hear that… did you have some nute burn…

Welcome to the forum @Ladylioness1031

Nice job patching it up. Should survive just fine.

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My fingers are crossed… :crossed_fingers: Hate that I stressed it out tho it was growing good… do I add FF comeback or Root Drench?

I split my main stem in two 3 to 4 inches straight down and just scotch taped it together and it is still growing strong.

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Yeah I did it was caused by a temperature spike causing the plants to take in more water and as a result more nutes, had been waiting to upgrade my lights and it kinda forced my hand.

i completely broke off the right main stem hanging by the stem and put homey and taped it and this is it now. Never wilted or anything. It should be ok. And i mean it completely broke

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