My question I'm worried I used Miracle grow

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

So I have started growing from bag seed. I am in my early stages passing seeding on three and three others are in veg stage. My question I’m worried I used Miracle grow. I’ve seen so many other growers talk about it being bad. Can I switch my soil? I have downloaded my plant guide and grow Bible. I didn’t find any answers in any of these.

It all depends… I can’t tell anything about your plants, but in general growing in Miracle Grow is difficult because of the time release fertilizer they use. (or any soil with time release fertilizer)

If your plants are doing ok, then leave them alone. if they are showing signs of issues, then transplant them into an enriched soil (but not with fertilizer). Hope this helps!


As you transplant to larger pots would be a great time to use the soil of your choice as the fill medium in the new pot. Pretty soon your plant won’t remember that it started in Miracle Grow.


If you don’t feed anything else during veg stage it will maybe be ok. Avoid overwatering as it has a lot of clay in it and creates a rock hard ball around the roots to hold water. Once it goes to flower I would get it transplanted myself cuz it’s still going to be releasing the vegging nutes.

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