My plants ruined

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Planted 5/1, used grow cells, heating mat and natural sunlight. Today is 5/9, are my plants ruined with these skinny stems? Can I replant deeper when I transplant into 5 gallon containers? All the other plants I have seen, the leaves were JUST at dirt level. This is for an outdoor grow.

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Yes. You can transplant deeper.
They are spindly because they are “reaching” for light.
Any chance you have a sunnier window/location?
I am sure other folks will have input too.
Good luck.


They are stretching a Lil bit because the window take the intensity of light down. However they are fine . Try to get them a bit more light, and I would suggest you put a small fan close to them. But don’t put the breeze directly on them. Let it hit something else and then the seedlings. Just enough for the leaves to flutter. No hurricane winds.
It will strengthen the stalk.
And yes when you repot or plant outside you can bury the stem up to the bottom leaves.
Good luck
And might I suggest you start a journal here to get advice during your grow

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Haha had to type to much.

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I’m getting ready for work @Nug-bug so I was being economical with my words. lol


And still got the point across :clap::clap:

Thank you everyone!! I am moving the ladies into 5 gallon pots today and leaving outside for good.

Thanks guys your right on the money