Long stem, transplant and light closer?

From a fellow grower:

I’ve got the long stem right now,and I read about what to do. My intentions is to transplant into there final pots and cover them up to the bottom of their leaves. I’m going with soil,since this is first time, indoors. Do I need to put light closer,and is miracle grow potting mix sufficient? And my plans are to get your white widows, tomorrow. That way I can be positive, of girls,thanks for being here. I do appreciate you.

what type/strain auto or fem or reg?
plants stretch for several reasons light being one nutrients another even temps. So knowing more information will get you a better answer, what are they growing in rightnow? what are you using for light/true watts MH HPS cfl t5s?

Yes - first of all that is correct transplant to first set of leaves - the reason for “rtall” growth is that your light source to to far away and or not strong enough. size of grow space and light used?