My plants autoflowered on their own without changing the light cycle

A question to a fellow grower:

I planted 3 grandaddy purple fems and 2 out of 3 autoflowered on their own when they were fairly small i didnt even change the light cycle i was just curious what to do because you dont even sell grandaddy purple autos so what strain do i have growing?

the one is about 3 weeks into flower and the other has pistols all over it and is starting to flower.


What’s your lights on?

I have had plants go into flower under 16 hours of light because my leds were too far away and under power for my needs.

My lights are on a 18 on 6 off light schedule ive never had this happen before i planted 3 seeds one autoflowered early one is starting to flower now the other is vegging like normal i gave me buddy 2 out of the 5 and 1 of his autoed as well just dosent seem right to me

18 on 6 off i have other plants same distance away under the same light they didn’t auto

Yeah, that’s not right. Contact customer service and they should replace the seeds

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Im new to ilgm but im not new to growing and considering 1 out of 2 i gave to my buddy are doing same thing i was thinking maybe something got mixed up and maybe they arent granddaddy photoperiods his other is to tell yet all 5 germinated and look healthy but most autoflowered

Thats what i did and today i got an email referring me to here i have more pics and im not that upset or anything i would just like to know what strain i have

I’d just keep emailing customer service. plant is not supposed to flower on own unless it’s an auto and if You’re positive you didn’t order them then I’d keep on them

No i ordered the purple mixpack they’re all photoperiod

Here let’s get customer service a second look. I agree if both yours and his did it something might not be right.


Double check your light timers. I’ve seen it happen a couple times where people inadvertently messed with the light cycle. If that isn’t the issue, contact customer service and get replacements for the seeds you wanted

I know this is old but I’m having the same thing happen to me right now! My buddy got these off here like 6 months ago and he got 5 I got 5 and he started earlier than i did but he said he thought he had a Male or hermie and thru 2 of his out and then I started mine and they have been in veg 18 6 and one started showing sex and growing hairs everywhere after only 4 5 weeks after germination. This is my first time growing and I dont know what’s going on or what to do! Is it flowering for sure? I just made a post about it but then seen this and it’s like exactly what’s going on with me

Can you possibly help me

This is crazy i to have just recently purchases the purple mix pack from ilgm after carefully reviewing them online. I get the seeds and plant one granddaddy purple and 2 purple kush. I started them on 1/1/20 and they sprouted in under 3 day and have grown very healthy under 18/6 600w MH and now today 1/25/20 i notice my GDP plant is showing sex hairs shooting oit white pistols and the lights are on the correct 18/6 cycle. Why is my 25 day old photoperiod GDP thats in veg going into flower turned autoflower??? Help! And its a bit concerning that ILGM doesn’t even offer a GDP autoflower so yeah whats in my garden and its kinda making me nervous about the quality of my seeds and are the rest of them going to be like that as well please help

Photoperiod plants often start throwing out pistils when they are sexually mature; it’s not necessarily them going into full bloom.


showing sex BTB you said sex i agree pistils normal full flower in a month then she is a auto

but O P had that problem i should say with normal conditions i e 18/6/ no changes or so

Yeah, from April 2019.

I sure hope that there wasn’t a whole batch of bad seeds. That’d be terrible.

4-5 weeks of veg is normal to my knowledge, cut your light schedule from 18/6 to 12/12 that will keep them on schedule, it’s also time to change Nutes for flower development.
Good luck with your grow

Im going thru the same exact thing with gdp from a place in BC Canada. The mother matured after a month veg and started throwing pistils everywhere. I was forced to throw her into flower. I cut clones before she matured and threw pistils and the clones are doing the same thing. So basically its root then flower. Here is one of the clones.