Is this female? Shouldnt it be flowering by now?

So this is a grand daddy purple autoflower from ILGM. its about 9 or 10 weeks old. I thought it would be well into flowering by now but it doesnt look that way to me. My situation requires discretion so my setup is rather odd.

my setup

its growing in a 2x2x6 foot metallic cabinet

1 cree CXB3590 grow light
9 low power LED bars (cheap amazon ones shame on me i know)
a fan
16/8 light cycle
temp typically between 75 and 80 f when lights are on

my main questions are:

Shouldnt this be flowering by now?

it looks healthy to me, does it look healthy to you?

the last picture appears to me to be female sex organs, they have been there for weeks and havent changed at all

your feedback, advice and input very much appreciated.

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Can you do a close up plz cause i think i see
Balls …

Which image would you like me to take a closer picture of? I dont see any balls when I look at it. Your thoughts greatly appreciated!

I don’t see any signs of male. Autos can be stubborn at times. You might try flipping to 12/12 for a week or so to encourage her to flower. Eleven weeks is not common at all, but it sometimes can take an auto that long.


Thanks for the reply, do i flip it 12/12 and leave it 12/12 or do i then go back to 16/8? Does the plant look healthy to u?

You can go for a week at 12/12 and then it’s your choice once she starts to flower. Many folks will stick with 18/6 after flowering has started to maximize the daily light interval, though photos do fine with 12/12 throughout flowering. It’s really up to you.

thanks for taking a look and giving feedback I appreciate it

You are welcome. That is what we are here for.

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As @flxerpower stated (not sure what this @MidwestGuy stuff is, lol) drop to 12/12. There are mixups that happen so you could have accidentally gotten a photo (I’ve had this happen). But even a photo should be showing sex well before 10 weeks.


lol. I changed it since people were trying to tag me and misspelling the name.


Lol, yeah the L is tricky

Is this a photo or auto?

Looks like you got a mix up and got a photo plant leave it at 12-12 otherwise she will reveg

2nd and 4th … could be wrong tho

one of them was me Flixer, Flexer, Fixer, etc, etc. My great reading & comprehenshion skills at their finest!

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Looks like still in veg , minor flower changes ,would agree with advised above , wait for it to mature more

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Give it time, maybe put the plants under stress, some times it triggers the flower production but be patient

I can’t tell buddy. Most of your pics are from the top except a for one or two of them. Too early to say but hey I’m new to this is as well. How many weeks so far?

10 weeks

it has what looks like a few pistils shooting out of some of the top growth but they are green not white. Dont think they are leaves because the leaves have been growing with 7 fingers at a time.