My plant looks like it's growth is stunted. 5 weeks of veg. and only 10 inches tall. Very bushy though, I'ts a Sativa

My Sativa is 5 weeks into veg. about 8 inches tall. It’s short but bushy, with about 4 inch fan leaves and a lot of smaller leaves. They look healthy, should the plant be taller by now?


Welcome to the forum! Great group of people around. Upload some pics in natural light,let’s look at your work :slight_smile:

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I’d like to send pics, but I’m a technological dinosaur and don’t know how.

Look bottom right of text/reply box, the one one box with a monitor is a preview screen, the one to the left is an upload function.

I completely understand, my kids fix my cell phone issues :slight_smile:

I would guess your main issue is a low light intensity. May I ask what light you are using and the area it covers?

FYI The pot it’s in is 20" in diameter.

Ok while I am still not sure the light you are using I do know a 20 inch diameter pot is too big for a plant only 8 inches in height. A pot that is too large runs the risk of being over watered. A plant can only drink so much at that size and will be able to drink more as it becomes larger. Your plant will be healthier in a pot that is roughly 2 to 3 gallon capacity as it will dry out quicker. You want your plant to have wet and dry cycles. Another thing I am thinking of is that most potting soil has enough nutrients for about a month. Assuming you have not added any fertilizer since planting now might be a good time to add some. Your plants will surely appreciate having more nutrients.