Roots show after watering

Do I need to add more soil or is this normal. They are in five gallon buckets and 31 inches tall. I’m five weeks into veg.

I would add soil. Will be fine either way.


I got abt an inch before the first branch I was scared it would cause problems. I’m overthinking it right.

Yeah. You’ll be fine @Dman1969. Won’t hurt a thing either choice. Sometimes you just don’t know, and the only way to get information is this awesome place. That’s why we are all here for you. Growers helping growers, and talk you through all of the unofficial steps, and official. We all started the first grow at some point and only want to help others with their first to be successful, with fewer disasters.
Happy growing.


Y’all have saved me quite a few times thanks :pray: again. I can’t imagine people doing this by there self