My plant is touching the light

Been in 12_12 for a week or so and nice baby buds are forming all over the place. Will switch 20-4 today and get all the lights installed up. clear up to the top of the 80 inch tent. You must be a Lakers fan with Purp and gold. Me too. Haven’t missed a game this year myself.

Went the LST route. Two bud stems snapped. Trying the honey and tape repair. I also received key rings from amazon. Pulled out all the lights, added more rails at the top and hung the lights on 15 inch zip ties looped to the rails. Ties are not synched up. Light’s are 7 or 8 inched from the top and 14 to 20 inches from the plants.
Added and light.

I found u over on ur thread

Using strings and zip tie looped into the zip ties holding sticks together for LST. Works well and by looping together very adjustable.

I had this issue too, but being a complete beginner, I couldn’t figure out what to do about it so I left it alone. The top buds got dark and gnarly looking but still grew really fat. Are they any good? The buds on the rest of the plant all look normal. I assume they’re fine. Anyone have some insight into this? Thanks!