My new run of autos in seven gallon fabric pots

G’day guys and gals well remember how i did a side by side comparison with nutrients that was anarchy nutrients and BAC nutrients , well ive started a new run of four plants i have two 420Fast Buds genetics which are purple lemonade auto and gorilla cookies auto and there in the back of my tent and in the front i have two splice crosses which are splice x mango Berry XL F1 and splice x Double grape f1 regular autoflowers seeds the front ones are about six going onto seven no sign of sex yet but thats ok i know the genetics to well and it vegges for up to ten weeks i know alot of people are going to say u sure they arent photos i can tell yous this there not photos guys so dont ask me or say they could be photos i dont mean to sound rude guys its not what im doing ok ,its just i know this Australian genetic and i know how strong it is and how much stress i can put on to it and let me tell ya it bounces back fast thats for sure its also mould resistant and disease resistant and really good bud structure.At the end of flower you get big dence colas thats for sure great bag appeal and great medicine


If you don’t mind me asking how can you tell if they are not autos if you bought them would like to no I grow a lot of autos and would love any tips and tricks thank you

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Well autos is all i grow and ive grown these genetics before because im a tester for two Australian breeders and they where esters that got sent to me as autos this breeder has always been whats put on the packet is what it is inside

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Oh ok thank you

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Here is the latest pic of my girls