Hey guys i just started a new run

Hey guys ive just started a new run im doing a purple lemonade auto from 420 fast buds and a gorilla glue auto the purple lemonade is about two days old and the GGA is one day old and looking great .im hoping they will turn out as good as my last few runs

This is the purple lemonade auto

The GGA it still has the shell on


A fellow Aussie! :wave: I’m currently only on my first grow and loving watching what others are doing. Following along. Looks great! :heart_eyes:

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@Aussie_autos Just scrolled back on some of your old posts. Holy sh1t! :scream: The size of those buds. Sorry to come off creepy but quietly going to stalk you and hopefully I can get mine to half that size. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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No worries join my journey as it unfolds im doin something different im trying a new soil but still doing things the same @SheBud

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Can I ask what you’re using? All I’m hearing is frog fox whatever and as you’d know it’s not available to us. I was reading a post on 420 mag today that said a mix of osmocote and perlite? I’ve got 2 of mine in a mix of Debco organic and perlite in 5 gallon grow bags at the moment. I think I screwed them in the early stages. Have 3 new babies coming along nicely and working out what I’m going to pot them in when the time comes.

These little ladies just can’t fail. :sob::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Im using black marvel soil from richgro and i mix worm castings and perlite then i mix in fish bone meal and alfalfa meal and sea bird guano and volcanic rock dust fertilizer and superworm frass and kelp meal and after a month or so i top dress with worm castings and alfalfa meal and fish bone meal ,i also use seasol gold organic liquid fertilizer thats just for veg and for flowering i use seasol flower its a pink bottle and i use nimbin nutrients like bud powder and mega pk and master bud and mega k and phat bud

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You’re amazing! Thank you. Just started a new worm farm. Won’t be ready for a while but at least I’ll have tea for now. I’ll look up all the other goodies you mentioned! :hugs:

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See when i do my soil i try to mix in enough to last two months or more cause i use five gallon bags

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@Aussie_autos is this your first run on the gorilla glue?

Yah it is ive never done it before same with the purple lemonade .is there something i need to know about doing gorilla glue

@Aussie_autos um yea lol choose your harvest time very wisely, tht gg aint no joke, ill put it like this- i literally smoke an oz every 3-4 days by myself so i have a high tolerance, my first grow was gg4 auto and i was never able to finish smoking any of it without passing straight out lol, super potent strain, it looks like you grow some good green so im betting you’ll fall in love with it, if your not into the sleepy meds and stuff id suggest you chop with a lil less amber than you normally would


It is strong. My goto med. Been cloning 1 couple years. Last run. Starting a new bean soon. Ph finicky. Keep it right. I harvested last BEFORE much amber. Way better smoke.


Im smoking GSCA and its a hard hitter but yah thats wat i want in for pain i ever only one to two cones anyway if i need something abit more i have a joint ,but thanks for the heads up on that one is easy to grow and does it have big yields

ive grown 4 so far but im a newb, ive pulled 1oz off my smallest and 8.25 from my largest, fairly easy but mine were super hungry, they would eat up all the nutes before the pots could even dry out

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Thanks nice to know these things .i will make a note of they can be a hungry plant but easy grow and yields good has potential for larger yields

as with all plants just depending on genetics and all that, i will say that my gg autos were ilgm genetics, im sure youll have little to no issues with it

Yah im not sure which genetics it is it was a free seed that u get when buying seeds it could be fast buds or barneys farm all i know this is my first time using different genetics im normally use dark wizard genetics

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I also just started a new run bro

I agree on hungry girls. Thirsty also. Last clone gave me about 15oz smoke. 10oz popcorns amd trim for edibles. 20 gallon pot. Fimmed like crazy. FILLED 3x3 all the way.

Nice i can’t wait to see how they go this is my first time using different genetics im so out of my comfort zone at the moment