Grow update new pics

My garden is looking great the big purple lemonade auto is almost done the gorilla glue auto is flowering hard and the second purple lemonade auto is growing fast and nicely


@Aussie_autos nice color on the one.

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Way to go @Aussie_autos that’s awesome :muscle::sunglasses:

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Yah that purple lemonade auto is a nice colourful plant and it smokes welll too


Beautiful plants my brother :heart_eyes:

Thanks brother that gorilla glue auto gave me some headaches at the start cause i thought the seed bank gave a photoperiod seed cause it took 9 weeks for the gorilla glue auto to start flowering and im glad she took a bit longer to veg

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I’m excited to meet new people and actually feel like i have a purpose in life again :relaxed:


@Aussie_autos do you grow outside also or just indoors

Just in a tent for now i would like to grow outside one day

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I like to meet new people with the same passion for growing weed or veggies i grow both veggies and weed .i will show u some of the plants i eid a while ago


Hi there @Aussie_autos Beautiful colors. :heart_eyes:
The ladies are going to treat you well

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@Aussie_autos … my brother thise are freakin Awesome… wish i was your neighbor…:rofl::rofl::rofl: hey @beachglass

Nice grow! :blush::v:

Guys i want to make it clear only the very first pics are of my grow im doing now and the other pics of the bigger plants there from a past grows the first one is a GSCA and theres a critical purple auto and a WWA and a moby dick auto .so what im growing is a gorilla glue auto and two purple lemonades autos

They’re really looking nice bro… congrats :beers:

My gorilla glue has started pre flowering at 5 weeks. Not quite as big as yours, but stretching a lot. It grows an inch or more a day. Yours looks really nice. This one’s about 20”, and has been stretching hard about 5 days now.


@Dexterado very nice plant bro

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Thanks, first try with an led. Bought an hlg 350r. I’m liking it a lot so far. I’ve also got a photo OG kush that’s not quite as old. I’ve never grown such a bushy, tight internode plant. Short and fat like me :slight_smile:


Thats the best kind imho gonna make you some sweet smoke

24 day old super skunk auto