My marijuana plants are damaged by the rain, now what?

What are some tips for marijuana plants that have been downtrodden by the rain?

Return them to an upright position and use stakes to support them if you can. If the marijuana plants are too big or they just won’t stand up easily, it may be necessary to just let them stay in the position while monitoring the roots to ensure they are secure. Any holes should be filled with soil, and you should put a cloth tarp underneath the plant so that the buds don’t touch the ground. Woven cloth permits water drainage and prevents the incurrence of mold. Spread out the branches so that the sun can reach every part of the plant and they can keep growing. Branches will again start to grow vertically in the direction of the sun.


What phase of development are the plants in?

Make sure that the soil is draining so you don’t have a problem with root rot. Now there are pretty much only 2 choices that you have for the plants.

  1. stake the plants up to give them support as they repair and finish growing
  2. you have natures version of a super cropping technique. Make sure that the plants that are knocked down are not touching the ground, and allow nature to do its thing. You will start to see new vertical growth at all of the nodes of the stems that are down. You will end up with an bunch of new tops coming up.

Good luck