Harvest outdoor marijuana plants when it rains?


I’ve got a few marijuana plants growing outdoors. I was hoping to pick them today, but it’s raining right now and should be for the next 2 days or so. Some of the leaves on the plants were turning yellow 5 days ago. The buds are large and look ripe. Should I harvest the marijuana now even though it’s going to be raining? Do you have any tips?


Hi Tony,

First Tip: harvest the marijuana as soon as you can. From here on out, the plants will only start deteriorating (especially in the rain). Before they lose potency and attract mold, you should cut them down.

Second Tip: Trim the buds from the chaff as soon as possible. Put the buds in a hot, dry space that has ideal air circulation and enough light until the water from the rain starts to evaporate. This will dissuade mold from latching onto the marijuana plant. When the water evaporates, cool of the room, and keep the lights off to slow down curing/drying.