How to harvest muddy outdoor marijuana plant?

We have an outdoor marijuana plant that recently toppled over under the weight of the large colas during a particularly heavy rainstorm. The colas are primed for the harvest, but have a coating of residual dry mud. What can we do to eliminate the mud without hurting the resin glands?



Your first recourse should be to cut the marijuana plants into 1-2 foot (around 30 to 60 cm) branches. Then segregate the muddy branches from the others. Dry up the rainwater from the clean buds by putting them in a warm, ventilated, and dry space. When the water dries, the buds are set to be cured. Buds that have been contaminated with mud should be dipped in cool water. If a casual swish in the water gets the mud to fall off, the buds are able to be used. Marijuana buds that cannot be cleaned should not be used for smoking, but you can make bubble hash with them :slight_smile: