Will too much rain hurt my plants?

A question from a fellow grower:

Here’s my issue…it’s rained here almost everyday for a month. Their in good draining soil and I’ve pulled the mulch back away from the plant but the ground doesn’t have a chance to dry out. Their stretching a little bit too. Will all this rain hurt my plants? Do you have any suggestions? They seem to be doin good but it just won’t stop raining

Yes too much rain can drown the plant and starve the roots of precious oxygen.the stretching is from light not being intense enough,try to carefully support them with a toothpick or something like that. Also is there anyway you can cover them some how to stop the rain,maybe take some sticks and a tarp and make a little pitched roof or something of that nature may help

Thanks for your help, Here’s a few more details. I grow out in the middle of BFE in the river bottoms so I only go every couple weeks. Started them March 29 under CFL’s and within a month they were about 8-10 inches tall and lookin great. Transplanted May 4th and now their already up to my waste. Just giving ya a few more details about my grow. Thanks again.

Well since you go way out and only visit every few weeks about the only thing you can do is support them somehow and hope for the best.

Thanks Cash for the input. I appreciate it. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and hope the white widow’s and super skunks can handle it.

You may want to create a “french drain” for rainy days. :slight_smile:

Does a “french drain” work well,I ask because I plan on doing an outdoor grow next year thats way far out and hard to get to and was wondering myself about really rainy days?