My leaves are turning yellow help!

I’m growing banana kush and I’m 3 weeks into my first grow. My leaves are starting to yellow and it’s concerning me. Can anyone tell me what’s going on??

My first guess is a PH issue.
What soil are you using?
What water?
Any nutrients yet?
What light and how far above plants etc
If you have different soil and bigger pot transplant into a fresh cannabis friendly soil.

I’m using fox farm ocean forest and I’m watering with tap water ph to 6.5. I haven’t started feeding yet and my light is 18” from canopy.

18” is a little close. I would raise the light to approximately 24”.
Any chance your leaves got wet?

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Time to pot up! Those plants are rootbound IMO.


I had this problem. All I did was change some of the soil and gave it a bigger pot. And back off the light if your plants are sick

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Yeah I for sure accidentally wet the leaves a couple of times

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How can you tell if they’re root bound? and I should be putting them in bigger pots today

Size of plant in size of cup. They’re way ready.

Should I wait till the soil dry out to transplant?

Looks like you’re getting great help.

Easier when soil is damp