Leaves turning yellow! Please help

Hello all. I’ve received much helpful info from you all, so I’m here to pick your brain a lil more. I have a gold leaf auto in a soil medium and am giving it more the half diluted nutes at a ph of 6.5 to 7.1. I’m using a 250w MH light, but did move it over to a 400w MH bulb last night. It was planted December 20 so its close to 4 weeks and I am noticing the first two lower leaves and the two leaves that sprouted with the seed are extremely yellow. Is this normal? The new growth seems to be green, but light in color. Plant looks fine except lower leaves are worrying me.

The soil looks too wet. How much are you watering and how often? When my plants are that small they would only be watered around the rim of the cup and very little water.

At 4-weeks I would expect the plants to be a lot bigger.


Concur with soil looking too wet. Cannabis doesn’t like chronic wet feet. Water a bit and then let the soil dry out before watering again. A plant that size only needs a couple of ml of water maybe every other day to be happy.

Stop using the nutes. Seedlings don’t need nutes. If you are in a quality cannabis soil, then you won’t need to feed nutes for at least a month after your last transplant.


I watered last night. I get them pretty wet and won’t water for about 4 days. I do use a dome. Should I be doing something different as per water schedule?

If using a dome, then she will need even less water in the soil. It’s good to use a dome.

It’s hard for a plant that size to consume a lot of water, so flooding it and waiting for days is not the way to go. Give her as much as she can consume in a couple of days and leave it at that.