My leaves are turning white and wilting! Any idea on what I can do?

A question of a fellow grower:
So I’m a first time grower and running into an issue, I was hoping you could help me out. For the first month I had my plants inside under a halogen light (it’s all I have) in a home built grow room. They were stretching a bit but we’re doing just fine. Controlled temp around 75 degrees, humidity, 16 hour light cycle Well my landlord wanted to do a house check so I had to move them outside for 5 hours. I had them sheltered from the slight breeze, in full sun and the outside temp was 63. But when I brought them back in they were laid over and had damage to their leaves. One can lead of my big plant even broke off. I watered them good, for them back in the grow room and the stops up. But now my leaves are turning white and wilting!!! Any idea on what I can do to pull them out of this cold shock and save them?

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they may have been a bit young to put outside…could you fill out a support ticket?

It looks more like over watering to be that’s causing a issue also looks like you need more light on them as well
Join us so we can guide you filling out the support ticket will also help us help you


I was told the strain was Gorilla Glue but my brother got it out of a bag he got so it could be anything.

I used Black Gold seedling started soil.

I have no clue What my ph is.

I haven’t used any nutrients yet.

It’s an indoor system. My light is a 120w reflector agro grow light I picked up at the local garden store. 16 hours on 8 hours off. If I put it any closer than 12 inches the heat from the light causes my leaves to canoe. That’s why the plants have stretched but they have slowed down considerably after I put reflector insulation on the walls.

Temperature is 73-80 Fahrenheit day and night

No clue what my actual humidity is but I do have a little humidifier in there with it that is on any time the light is on. Not enough to cause condensation on anything.
No ventilation system. I love in an old cabin and have it set up in a corner of my laundry room. it gets a slight air flow through there every day.

No ac, I do have a humidifier in there, my only source of heat in the house is a wood stove in a separate room so my air is pretty dry.

No Co2.

With my tiny plants being in a 5 gallon bucket I only water every 7 days or so. Only when the Soil is dry 2 inches down. I know they are doing better after bringing them back in. I think they just got too cold outside for 5 hours. But I’ve never seen leaves turn white and not wilt completely. Ideas?

Also I can’t figure out how to add more pictures…

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Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum @Happygolucky
I would start with the ph it’s very important to know your ph
Proper ph range for soil is 6.3-6.8
Anything above or below can cause lock out conditions
You’ll want ph up and down as well so you can adjust easily

You can grab a decent meter on amazon for around 20-30$ if on a strict budget the cheap 10 $ digital ph meters work just need to be calibrated more often

Sounds like you got a handle on your lights for now
You’ll need more to flower properly just a FYI
The low temps could have effected them I would watch new growth and see how things look damaged leaves will not repair them selves
The sun is way more powerful then the light you have and it may be that they couldn’t handle full sun at such a tender age
Normally you’d want to transition slowly when moving a plant from artificial light to natural light
Giving them shade for the first week or two and no direct sun light

If there’s anything else I can do let me know


I’ll look into picking a ph meter up when I go to town next. Thank you! Hopefully I didn’t stunt them too much. They are just under a month old. It looks like the color change has stopped and my new leaves are coming in bright green. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Just stay away from the dual
Probed soil meters they don’t work at all

Happy growing with our assistance you’ll reach harvest just ask if your not sure about something
If you want start a grow journal so we can follow along there are lots of members here that love to help we all share a common love :v:

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A grow journal? I think that would be super helpful to me. Is there a place here for me to do that?

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I found it and figured it out!!! got a grow journal started! Thank you for the help and advice! Here are pictures of the plants



Question… Should I remove the wilted dead leaves or leave them on the plants?

Only if they’re crunchy dead.


Welp… im here and watching ya. If u need anything dont hesitate to ask. And welcome to ILGM


Looks like you are more than covered on advise. I can tell you from experience, if you are growing gorilla glue upgrade to the best lighting you can, especially with this strain. Its what I mainly grow and I know they are light whores. If you cant get more light put it as close as you can without causing any burn. It looks like they are stretching a bit now is why I say it and i see it was also suggested already. Good luck and welcome

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Should I just leave the light on 24/7 then? I’m not sure when I will be able to upgrade my light…

I go 18/6 the whole time then do 12/12 when switched to flower. Some people run theirs 24/7. However, like us plants need rest too and your dark cycle is when they rest and recover.


Welcome to forum! Ive got a gorilla glue #4 @ about 2 weeks old. Shes in tent with a crystal, & 2 bananna kushs. This place is a great place for info & showing off your girls. I killed All plants before coming here & now on 4th grow.


I’m definitely learning a lot. Just have no clue What I’m doing and panicked after I shocked them outsiode. Hopefully they recover and I can get some form of a harvest off them. Hoping to get the stretch taken care of soon.

Are you planning on leaving them in the same pot if not I would recommend getting ready to transfering them soon into their own separate pots they will be bigger if you do that but they will grow together in one pot you just won’t get the return you would unless you’re using like a 50 gallon pot

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Life on the ranch has prevented me from doing much with them. Haven’t been able to separate them, so anything with the ph, or get a better light. But, I did switch my light cycle to 18/6 which has helped slow the stretch. We lost some leaves and still have discoloration on a few. Everyone has bright green new growth!
I haven’t given any nutrients but they’ve been in that sees starter mix for about a month so I’m assuming they are getting plenty from it still. Not sure. Anyways… Here they are.

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