My latest WW seeds crossed with lettuce

Sure does look that way huh? Plants are 20 days from germ.


Wow, those are some fat leaves - it does look like lettuce. :relaxed:


Counting nodes is difficult.

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Did you ever top it? Sometimes after a top or a FIM you can get some odd growth out of that area.

@Greasemonkey my white widow are not as compact as yours but very compact none the less. My nodes are very close together and the leaves are fat like yours as well.

I have wondered if this was normal or not. Must be fairly common, both of mine and now yours.
They look very healthy, grow on!:+1::sunglasses:

Definitely an Indica dominant plant, so far.

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@latewood :thinking: me thinks your right. Check the leave. I have one bigger on the plant. (It’s older sister.)s


@merlin44 , I’ve been searching for a fellow grow to watch for the same reason. Mine are bushy as hell. I had hoped for a scrog , but so far very little stretch. 5 1/2 weeks -.”veg from seed. Flipped to 12/12 10 days ago. I have a journal do you?
1st timer here. I have Bunch of growing experiments going:

(4) WW fems from ILGM in ScOrG 1 meter square. (10 days into flower)
Being fed with RootsOrganics
(3) Purplesaurus Rex (12 days into flower)
(1) PurplesaurusRex in veg state week 7 on Heavy16
(2) WW from seed in hydro. (Starting second week veg.)
(1) WW on a windowsill all natural light.(simply 6 weeks from seed.)
The last three experiments are on Heavy16 nute program.
@Donaldj, this typical for a hydro start?

Actually it’s all about getting dialed in and during transition your ladies will do a considerable amount of stretching. There is no such thing as typical when it comes to plants from seeds only once you have grown a clones from a mother plant several times can you get a predictable outcome.
I have a WW which is expressing fairly similar in soiless and hydro right now

Hydro and it’s mother in soil less

Neither are sativa Dominant both are bushy and the hydro unit is 2 clones from same plant :wink:


Wow @Donaldj if I had any likes, I would certainly like those plants. Do you give them Bud Enhancing Drugs?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Actually I was playing with reduced ppm flowering may have hit 1200ppm at peak but closer to 900 for most of it with PK booster being the only bump. Think they are around 650ppm at the moment with just a Dry Kool Bloom, flawless finish and Sweet to coax last little bit out of them

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I’ve got a ww auto that’s doing the same thing


I think it has something to do with the ruderalis genetics look at a pic of wild ruderalis and you will see the big fat leaves

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My WWA is stretching like crazy…

Seeing all yours makes me kinda wonder if I got my seeds mixed up? :thinking:


WOW ! another 2 inches it’ll be flowering!

Those look fantastic @Donaldj nothing like a little porn early in the morning!

@merlin44 I found it. I’m in. Go grow so far.

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Nah there are a couple different fenos I think with ww
Some can be tall and stretchy some squatty and fat


The stretching could also come from low light intensity.


@floridason I raised the lights 30” for a week hoping for stretch. All I got was 1/2” of growth high and 7-8 “s of sideways more bush growth.