My Head Is Spinning - Newbie

Yes, my head is spinning but not from the weed. Being a first time single plant grower, there is so much to learn.

My plant is a Do-si-do autoflower. I have 5 sets of leaves (plus a few others). About 8” tall. Planted in coco with pearlite. Outdoor grow.

My question is regarding pruning or topping to keep it compact. Do I need to pinch off some? When? How much?

And do I need to eventually stake the branches to make the plant spread? (When branches form)


I like to wait till at least the 4th or 5th set of nodes before i pinch or cut to top them myself!

Looking purty! Keep up the great work!


Some will warn against topping autos, but you can: If the plant is otherwise healthy. If you start soon as possible (I think 4th node). My NLights auto started flowering on day 22 from sprout. Also if you leave about 1/2 “ or so so it won’t want to split.

I agree autos can be very touchy to trimming because of there Accelerated rate of growth and Concentrate on growing only and giving it unwanted stress can result in it not recovering properly or at all. Not saying you can’t and get f you do … do it slow little by little.

I’m a beginner as well and only did LST as I was scared of stunting it and it turned out great.


I think I’ll leave it as is for my first grow. Maybe next year I can have a few plants and experiment a little.

Thanks for the replies

Keep in mind auto’s usually start flowering between 4 to7 weeks. If you choose to top needs to happen around 5 nodes. Good luck

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In my limited experience (also first time) I did some lst to my autos and it’s working well. Basically bend it over and tie it down, tuck leaves to expose the bud sites.

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Absolutely beautiful plant! I grew some grand dady purple s. Annd they didn’t get but maybe 1’6" high at best.
I had also gew mine in the ground.


Welcome to the community @Smo :green_heart:

Thanks and I’m pretty sure I’ve had luck on my side throughout this grow :joy: