My friend gave me old seeds will they germinate?

My buddy had gone to Amsterdam about 10 years ago and he brought back seeds. They were inside of a film roll in the dark. What is the likely good that they will sprout? I’ve read that soaking them for a few days might do the trick with older seeds. Any thoughts?

The seeds were sensei seed co:
White widow and Northern lights x Purple Haze

I would love if even one of these would sprout. It would be neat to have some Dutch genetics that I could then clone.

Germinate them and let’s find out!!


I had them in paper towels for a couple days now so I decided to soak them. Gave two of them a little squeeze to help the seed open up. I really want one of them to sprout. It would be bad ass if they did.

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They hadn’t opened up. I read some may take up to 10 days.

How many seeds you got? How many are soaking?

I have a total of 5. 3 NHxPH and 2 WW. Soaking all of them.

@r3ys3r nice strands I’m growing purple haze and white widow now putt them distilled water I was told after two years they loose genetics but give it a try better than paying 10 seeds for 100 or they go on sale 20 for a 100 or so

I usually make a little tube out of sand paper/glass paper that I can hold between my fore finger and thumb with the grit on the inside put in the seed and give it a shake in there just to thin the seed walls a little, I then put the seeds in a glass of room temp water for 3 hours before moving them to paper towels that are wet but not dripping water place them in a tupaware box seal the lid and put them in a draw where it’s dark. Usually within 2-3 days they germinate. So far I have 100% success this way.

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Those look great!

Purple haze in the front barely a month old growing crazy

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I’ll give that try. I still have a couple of seeds I didn’t germ that I’ll try that with.

I think they will go eventually I’ve seen articles of seeds that are 10,000 years old being germinated so you have a good chance :+1:

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Wish you luck bud I’ll watch journal if you don’t mind

I hope so. I just read one about some germinating land races that were collected in the 70’s. They sprouted. Crossing all the fingers. Lol


Absolutely. I’ll post on here if they sprout.

I saw something using a nail file to score the shell in here. Let me see if I can find it…


4 year old seeds

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Ty! I happen to come across this one after I created this topic. Tried a couple of things. Let’s see how this goes. I’ll be so psyched if I can grow either strand. Both would be fantastic because they’ll be flowering in the winter when I can not worry about temp as much.