My flowering plant looks like it's revegging again?

Does this look like it may be revegging again?
It’s been getting too cold with the fan on at night so I did open the door when the lights were off.
I only did it twice, will it really affect it that bad?

To me she doesn’t look like she is re vegging, she looks like she is doing what is called foxtailing, or she strectched due to temperature drifting to far out of range, and as of this point re vegging has to do with light, the possibilities with low temps over night could be, sudden over night death, thank goodness that’s not the case, strectching, and also possibility of going hermie, which I don’t think that is happening either.

Otherwise re vegging won’t happen unless your lights go over a 12/12 cycle, which worse case scenario is that it stresses the plant bad enough to go hermie and re veg


Okay, yea I’ve been having issues at night it’s been getting reaaaaal cold.
Its been better lately though i have a heater.
So hopefully it’ll get better :slight_smile:

I’m already at week 10 in flowering with my northern lights plant , doo u think I should start to flush it?

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I’ll post pics in a bit it won’t let me right now it says it’s uploading but it’s not

10 weeks in flower you should start flushing, and with the heat getting a little better it should do better, “foxtailing” is a mutation in the flower formation, it’s pretty common, nice looking plant by the way :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yea it seems like it’s growing slow… Maybe ok just impatient
But thank you :slight_smile: it’s my first grow lol
Next I want to do a scrogg

Now that you got that picture up seeing it, give her another week or 2 before you flush, wait until 15% of your white hairs change orange, then flush, that when you get some flushing your hairs will be about 70-85% amber, of course the best way to tell when the plant is ready is by “peeking into the glandular trichome it’s self”. You will need to get a jewlers loop or pocket scope with 60x100 magnification on it

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And i just started a lst grow, and i wanna do a scrog grow as well

I just ordered a pocket scope earlier actually
That’s what I was planning on doing was waiting a couple of weeks to flush it I just wanted to make sure lol seems kind of long for flowering, well longer than planned but that’s okay.
Thanks for your help Its much appreciated:)

Yup not a problem that’s what we are here for and nice! Always a good thing to think ahead :smile: