My first try growing ever

Hi there peeps… My wife and I are growing our very first garden…


Very nice for a first time.

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I live in Queensland… Weather is excellent and I got plenty of water… And luck

Check these pics out


Your dog looks vicious in that pick.

OMG, what a cute guard doggie!

Cute plant and dog. Welcome to an amazing place. Lots to learn here, as I am finding out on my first grow as well

Best of luck!


Cheers mate… Very interesting.

My dog ate a cannabis leaf the other day. I held it down cause he wanted to sniff, or so I thought and just gobbled right out of my hand.


That is funny as… :joy:

I lost my first plant of this first grow to my dog. Brought the plant in to avoid heavy rains. It was only 18” maybe.

Fast forward I smelled a strong weed like smell. It was the plant final life energy escaping as he gobbled the whole damn thing down.

Lesson learned. Dogs can’t be trusted with my weed

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