Everyone Post your Newbie Mistakes (all growers new and old timers)

So I thought it would be … Fun AND helpful to new growers if Everyone listed the mistakes we’ve made when learning :grin: And the more i think about it- I think we could list Any Mistake we’ve made attempting to do any project really … lets see how ridicules we are sometimes and show we can remember when we were new (i still am new at this lol ) Hope new comers can learn from our mistakes xo and we can laugh a little at ourselves ?
I think this is a thread that can be indefinite lol
I always thought that what not to do is just as important as what should be done-
I’ll start_
:herb:My first grow i PHed my water before adding my Nutrients - Don’t do this- lol always PH after everything is mixed right before you use it and again if the mix sits for a day or more as it can change over night. Sounds obvious but all the things i saw said mix nutes into water thats PHed to 6.0 or whatever so i thought the water had to be that PH before adding nutes haha ( embarrassed and painfully obvious now) caused ph issues that mocked nutrient issues and lead to stress n damage, lower yield and …ultimately hermies :hear_no_evil: oh noooooo seeds!!! lmao positive side still good smoke!

and I have More where that one came from-
:speak_no_evil: this morning i went out back to bring my husky inside and uh, i locked myself out of my house in my ROBE! and i wasn’t even high! OMG :see_no_evil:

now lets hear from you ???


Hahahahaha my first grow ever indoors was a bust because I never put holes in my buckets :scream::zipper_mouth_face: I should of kept my mouth shut!

This was also when I was 17? I say that with a question because idk how old I was :man_shrugging:


I love this so much! I did the same thing with my solo cups hahaha oops !
seeeeeee this is fun and cathartic! love it! Thanks xoxox :heartpulse:

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I listened to my local grow shop and used a root starter on my seedlings. They didn’t like it at all. All good now. I know, not much of a bust but it’s all I got. I read for weeks before planting a seed to make sure to avoid the big mistakes.


I was told that too! mine lived thru it but i will NOT do it again - caused a green mold prob in the soil ( my belief )
this is good info! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, all mine lived and doing well. Set me back a week though I think. From now on, just water, not listening to anyone about adding stuff in as a boost. I can see adding to correct a problem, but not otherwise.


What @Matthew420 said and trying to grow a plant (in soil) with disregard to soil function , purpose, ability of soil(nutrient content already contained)understanding Seed starter soil, transplant to final soil, and Amount of soil to properly grow size plant that is targeted.The more soil the bigger the plant can grow, its a little more complicated than that but you get the idea. Transplanting too early , and starting size pots, then Understanding nutrients, what type and for when, (veg, bloom, etc)
I spent Every day from last June and up to now researching grow techniques, what types of seed grow what and why they grow that way, (Sativas, vs, Indicas) Autos and Ruderelis and why they work, I think about another 10 years I might start to understand a little more, as this wasn’t covered in my SUNY plant Biology class, well maybe some , but that’s just me.
Happy growing Newbies !!<*)))><{


@FyshhTrap come on… give us Something …:herb:
Chime in here :slight_smile: any mistakes?

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I’m still a newby but my biggest mistake was Ph; check it all the time! The weirdest things can make it go high (I haven’t had a problem with low Ph yet) but as soon as I got that through my skull, my little ones are doing great!


I’m not really sure if the things that I do can be considered mistakes…:relaxed: I tend to do a lot of stupid things on purpose …:smiling_imp::smiling_imp:LOL I like to travel The Road Less Traveled or make my own lane in a sense …which in the end is cool because it disproves alot of stuff that I read… but I do have a good newbie story for you …after about 8 months to a year on this journey I started running into so many problems thought it was my pH , thought I was using bad nutrients , scratching my head driving myself crazy , I couldn’t figure out what the problem was then I realized that I forgot to check the dates on my light bulbs and all my light bulbs were out of date or way too old and weren’t working efficiently anymore and that’s all my problem was… I needed new light bulbs …after about six months of aggravation and countless dead plants… so for all you newbies out there make sure when you buy a new light bulb that you write the date on it so that way you know how old it is because that will eventually sneak up and bite you in the butt… even though they still turn on , doesn’t mean they’re working correctly …after so many hours of usage they fade away and don’t work anymore at least not for what we’re using them for…lol



Well in relation to growing cannabis, I’m still wet behind the ears. I tried growing 20 years ago, but all of my seedlings died a month in. I’m not sure what happened… maybe not enough light, maybe too much plant food… I’ll never really know, since it was so long ago.

Other medicinal herbs… the summer before last I dug up some lemon balm, oregano, thyme, and feverfew and divided them to either propagate or give to a friend. My lemon balm and oregano did not come back last spring, and I had to replace them. (I had given away the divided portion). My feverfew division also died, so I only have one feverfew plant. My thyme was the only one that did well. Alas, these things happen, and is always a risk when dividing perennials.

I am also a dog owner. One of my dogs is a rescue who needed a lot of rehabilitation/positive conditioning, etc. She has come a long way, but still needs a lot of careful management. I make mistakes with her all the time. Like leaving a crumb on the floor, so if my other dog gets to it at the same time she does, there will be a fight. Or accidentally dropping the leash while we are out on a walk or hike-- she is prey driven and will take off-- nothing to do but sit down and wait for her. Giving dogs too much rich people food, causing diarrhea… things like that.

Oh-- here’s a good one-- shortly after I learned I was allergic to wheat, I was getting better (it makes my eczema and asthma worse) after strictly avoiding it for six weeks… then once I forgot to read a label… naturally, I started getting worse, with my skin looking like I had been splashed with battery acid, then fallen in an ant colony… for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why I was getting worse! I figured maybe the nurse and I were wrong, and it wasn’t wheat afterall. Then one evening while I was preparing supper, I suddenly remembered to check the label on a package I had just thrown away… the package of the same product I had forgotten to check the week previously… sure enough, it contained wheat. I had been consuming small quantities of wheat every day for a week! It took three weeks for the itching to subside, and four months for my skin to clear. Lesson learned. Aside from the occasional accidental cross-contamination (eating at restaurants), I’m doing awesome now. :smile:


What do you want to know, you Do have to research on your own for your style of growing, I grow out doors with a brief start(now being 4-6 weeks) indoors. First off, buy your quality seeds from ILGM, they then tell you to place seeds in a cup of room temp Ph"d water after 24 hours. After 24 hours of standing, and at room temp , Then place your seeds in cup.
There are Sooo many ways of germinating, chek after 24 hours for popping,Then plant em,
Your starting soil, room temp,starting light set up and properly Ph"d water and an understanding of your starting setup wether it be soil or Hydro and this include Cocco should be very well understood. And for goodness sake stop with the overwatering and nute supplements for the first 4-6 weeks, understand the function of the Cotyledons and why they are there, your plants at a very young age Don’t need a lot of water they have a TINY root !
You"ll notice when I talk to new growers I try to keep things on the Simplest levels, but there Are certain parameters you must follow to Start your healthy grow.
Keep the questions coming and remember to read All of the “Guides” at the top of the Forum.


I used to grow in cabinets in my dank stinky basement. Had one plant once with a cola as long as my forearm, a real beauty. I hung it up to dry and after a while it started to mold. Complete loss, I ran two fingers down the length of the cola and it stripped off like powder. Never again!


“i locked myself out of my house in my ROBE! and i wasn’t even high!” Well that explains it, hope it’s not terribly cold where you are.


LOL. I was walking up to my front door go back inside when I heard the dog jump on in the door to meet me “click”… Uh oh! Yup, he locked me out!

Had to break-in. Now I have a touchpad entry lock.


Aren’t dogs great?

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Not that day - but it’s hard to be mad at a dog wagging his tail to the point it looks like it’s going break off because he’s saw happy to see you


Know what you mean, my doggie can be laying on his blanket following my every move, I turn around and when I look at him again he’s flat on his back with his legs open and his tail flopping, what we call the “slut dog position”. Irresistible!


My first growt experience was a total catastrophy.

Super excited with my first command from ILGM, and first time growing sweet marijane. All my setting was all super ready.

I put my seeds of White Widow in a black mug, with 5 stage filtred water at 0 ppm, at room temperature, they all crack out after 24hres off soaking in a no light what so ever coming in, my pantry :wink::innocent::smile:

24hres later, i’ve put them directly into the soil, in my so super all ready closet, in my main growing container… crank up the humidifier, lower my 1000 watts led light at 1 feet above my container and seal the door of my closet for 24hres with a fan inside running off on all wheels 24/24.

24hres later i’ve unsealed the closet door and here the were, practicly smiling at me… Ôoo, they were pretty… I kept the door unsealed, keep an RH at 70% and kept the light at 1 foot and the fan running on all wheels, I was thinking to my self : looking great ! Why don’t let those little babies sit like this for 48 hrs, after all i’m succesful indoor grower whith my veg, so why not keep a succesful recepy, if it’s not broken, don’t fixem like the “adage” say’s…

48 hrs later, CATASTROPHE, all my little ones were all fried out​:cactus::cry:… I sincerely did’nt know at that time what went wrong and still have some interrogation, but overall i’ve learn that a powerful light like the one I use, in a small closet of 2.5" / 2.5"/ 8’ feets, if your led lamp is closer than 3 feets your’re searching for trouble…

This is a mea-culpa for @ClaireILGM whom i’ve ask seeds replacement in this November and at that time I was uncertain of the reason why it or what went wrong , anyway, I did’nt conserve the seedling, too eager I gess to start a new growt, that went well after all :smiley:

And there living happy ever after…

The end…:wink: or is it :innocent::wink:


Happened to me this morning.

I thought my female plants had nuts, I was ready to burn the barn down, it was a tough couple of hours. Turns out I don’t know shit, and all is good.

I’m learning everyday though.