My first time ;) All details provided!

First off, I’ve never grown anything before, so I tried to offset some ignorance with fancy gear.

Equipment in use;
5x5 gorilla grow at 6"11
ROI E680 LED light
Cloud line T6 exhaust w/charcoal filter
Cloud line S4 intake fan
Inkbird Humidity regulator
Inkbird Temp regulator
6l Cool Mist Humidifier
1.5l Dehumidifier
Space heater (tiny)
Scott’s potting soil (2 parts) to 1 part Burpee Seed Starting Mix (largely Coco Coir)
Vivosun Seed Heeatmat with temp
10x Feminized Northern Lights
10x McKenzie Seed Starter pots (small, think a 6oz rocks glass in terms of size)

Things I have, but aren’t yet in use;
4x bags of Fox Farm Ocean Forest
2x bags of Fox Farm Happy Frog
1x bag of perlite
10x 1 gallon bags with velcro sides
10x 5 gallon bags
1x Comprehensive Tetra Flora nutrient kit
1x Set of Ph up and down

Step 1: Germination (2 days)
Used the wet paper towels in a plate some at 78 degrees for 48hrs and roots were vibrant white and 1.5-2in.

Germination (currently here on day 12th day from start or 10th day in soil);
Transplanted to 4oz biodegradable starter cups. Soil is 2:1 Scott’s Potting soil to Burpee Seed Starting Mix. Forgot to pre water so I watered after the transplant.
Set under full spectrum ROI E680 at 24" at 40%. After every plant had extended its first set of leaves by day 7, I increased light intensity to 60% Humidity set at 68% and temp is at 78F during lighting period, and 72F during dark period. 15hrs of light to 9 hours of darkness. Room has blackout curtains and added addition industrial grade velcro along tent flaps to ensure maximum closure.

Exaughst fan kicks on at 81F
Intake fan always running at speed 3 of 10
Humidity set at 67% and never goes more than 3% out of range.
Water is at a 6.5 ph
Plants sit on an elevated platform

My concerns; after it went 1 day with no water, a few were bent downward the next day, but quickly perked back up after a light cycle. The pots and soil release moisture so well, I’m almost almost forced into watering daily, but simultaneously, I’m seeing some droop from time to time. Should I water just a few dampening sprays every day, or so well some water leaks out the bottom? I’m leaning to the light spray every day and a flush every 4 days, but I’m guessing blind here and could use some feedback.

My plan; is to let them go another week or until they all are working on their 4th set of leaves, then transplant to 1 gallon fabric pots. The bottomed 2/3 of soil will be Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, top 1/3 Fox Farm Happy Frog to avoid nutrient overload as well as adding 15% perlite to both. After transplant give 1/2 the recommended amount of Tetra Flora Root 66 to minimize transplant shock.

Here are some random progression pics. What do you see?


Help me out and help we prepare for what is coming down the pike the next few weeks!!


Looking good. Water very lightly when pot feels light. Eventually you will learn them and when they’re thirsty. No nutes right now. I just entered flower 4 days ago! I also have 3 Sour Diesel babies and a clone too.

Happy growing :grinning:


Looks like you’ve done research and have a great set up going! A question though is why the one gallon transplant? Why not just transplant into final home once you’re at 4 nodes?


From 5oz cup to 3x gallon would be the final pot, and from what I understand, that would be over potting, no pun intended. As of now the plan is going cup to 1 gal to 3 gal.

Am I mistaken?

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I transplanted 3 times in my grow. It stresses them a little each time. You can do either or, but its less stress to go in the final pot on your first transplant. You just have to watch your watering.

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Going 1 gallon to 5 gallon I could understand. But going 1 gal to 3, they’d only be in there about a week and you’d have to do it all over again. You’d cause more stress than needed. Go straight to 3 gallon. Nobody has ever said transplanting to 3 gallon is overPotting.


I go from solo cup to 3 gal to 7 gal, never considered going from solo cup to 3 gal overpotting, seems just right to me.


I wish I used solo cups now. My fear is that my cups are so small, they won’t 3weeks in them. Probably 1/4 to 1/5 the size of a solo

I’m going to remind my friends that up-potting doesn’t actually stress or “shock” a plant when done properly; that’s to say that if the transplant is handled well and properly watered in, the plant will thrive. When transplanting to a new environment we can shock tender plants, which is why we’ll harden off seedlings going from a humid dome to outdoors, for example.

Anyway, I like transplanting to progressively larger containers in small increments. That’s my practice in soil.


Amen brother. Established plants pot up with ease.


It’s always been my practice to transplant only once. What’s the benefit of multiple transplanting? In my opinion there is none. Unless some think by messing with the roots system, makes plant stronger…no, you are playing with it’s life. Be kind to your plant day. That should be a holiday. Feed it, don’t beat it. Give it a fan, be cool, don’t be cruel. Somebody should make a Plant Defender Society.
Something like, “Harvest Defensive Mutual”. ROTFLMAO !!! Laughing so hard I’m in tears :joy::sob::joy:
Sad part about all this is, I’m not high.

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Update, and it ain’t awesome. Help!

Woke up to my inkbird alarms going off. Not alarm, plural, alarms. Temperature had shot up to 86 and humidity was low 40’s. On the plus side, light had only been on for an hour, so humidity and temp were only jacked up for an hr. Still, not awesome.

Plants got droopy overnight since first post and I have two theories;

  1. My watering is off. I found myself misting the top soil so it wasn’t dry almost daily, but only flush 2wice a week. Keep in mind, these are halfway through the seedling phase
    (Mid week 2)

  2. This is my more confident hunch. After week 1 (2 days ago), I upped my LED from 40% to 60%. Its a powerful ROI E680 at 24in.
    I think I overloaded the little guys and the leaves are retreating rather than reaching.

I turned things backed to 40% immediately after the alarm fiasco. My thought was gradual increase to avoid shock, but think I jumped the gun.

Here is what they looked like 48hrs ago vs now. What are you all seeing/suspecting?
48hrs ago

Current (Booooooo)

Wait…it also just occurred to me…is it too early to be periodically flushing?

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At that stage my seedlings would probably still be in a humidity dome.

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If you’re flushing your soil this early you’re depriving the plants of much needed nutrients for later stages in growth.

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Also, when I water at this stage I use a 12oz sprayer bottle and spray at the base of the plant until the soil moisture is good for the first two inches. The roots are small at this point and can be easily over watered. You also didn’t pre wet your soil so now you’re over compensating.

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