First timer about to start out

Name is Adam. First time grower. To start out I got an 8*4 grow tent with two 600w MH/HPS bulbs. My medium is fox farm ocean soil and liquid nutrients to mix and add. About to germinate my first set of seeds and do not want to mess up. What’s the best way? Is a red solo cup or styrofoam cup best for them to start in then transplant? How should I start. All advice is welcomed.

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what strain are you growing?

people around loke to soak them 24h in water… Me I skip that…

I just put them between 2 soaked paper towels, on a plate with another plate as cover. as soon as the root is 1 cm long I transplant… depending on strain into his final home

Solo cup for photo period. If you’re growing auto’s you would go directly from seed to 2-3 gal pot. Never transplant auto’s.


Welcome aboard Adam

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On amazon they have biodegradable pouches for starting seeds works great justvplant the bag and all.


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Zkittzy Gorilla is the strain I’m using for my first go around using 3 gal pots that came with the kit that is 8*4 with two 600w HID.

It’s a feminized seed but not an auto

Thank you kind sir. Any advice before I start the germination process? Totally new to this. Spent $1400 on my grow kit and would hate to mess up before I even get them in the soil.

Do I need to use smaller pots ( less then the 3 gal pots) to start my grow of feminized seeds? Or go right to the pots?

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i have used several methods of germinating. i have had varied success with each and feel that a certain part of the difference is just the individual seed. of late, i like the process where you soak in a small container (like a shot glass) with a little distilled water and just a splash of peroxide for no more that 24 hours. i have never had a seed that did not pop in that time (again, could be luck of the draw cause you will def see folks on here where it takes longer. the main thing to remember is, if you decide to “presoak them” once their 24 hours is up, take them out of the water).

I have taken some seeds that have popped and have a tail and put them right into soil and have had great luck with that. i have had equal results where i take them from their soak and put them into a moist paper towel tucked into a plastic sandwich bag to keep them from drying out until the tail is at least a 1/2 inch and then planting them into a solo cup (i do all Photos).

So, find a method you like and stick to it. speaking for me only, i find this part to be the easy part. the next part is where i have suffered and have the scars to show for it. Once they are in the soil, resist the urge to continuously water them. there is nothing to water yet. they need to be barely moist, not WET. some folks cover them to retain the moisture (and maybe prevent themselves from watering :wink: i know i need a lock on my tent during this phase.

until they have their first set of real leaves, the are pretty self reliant. don’t let them dry out, and dont KILL them.

Good luck! lots of GREAT knowledgeable growers here with tons of experience that are willing to share and help us. Happy 420 day.


:+1: @JackAndSan @JD01
Germ is the easy part, getting to the finish line is sometimes not so easy

Grower preferences there. Depending on veg I intend to do I’ll go solo cup, 3 gal then 5 or 7 gal. If your going for a fast flip, you aren’t gonna do two transplants, nor do you need the extra room for roots. The thing about photo period plants is its completely up to you when you change its light cycle. You decide how big it gets in veg. That decides how you want to go. There’s no reason you can’t put the seedling straight in a 10 gal tho either. Except you have to be much more careful with your watering. As to not cause damping off or over watering.

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I like the cleat solos so yo can look at your roots i like for then too be bout just under a foot then they have good root system i use miricale grow starter mix sgould b all u need just dont overwater they need air iin the roots. My opinuin best of luck rather have a beautiful plany than ugly bitchin old lady

Clear solos i cant type wortha shit good luck if u got airtight room carbondioxide is good additive buddy and me were arguing he said give em oxygen aaa just go in and talk to them tell them how muxh u luv themor once a week ordo dioxide toward srating and ending of bud if im wrong please tell me thnx steprock1

Pictures of what you are gonna do or have ?

@Budz got you covered, I just want to empazise on the difficulties with overwatering if planted in final home.

Here’s an example of how I lay it out. Intended mother plant. Started in solo cup. Use same size container as pocket. Now leaving them like this is controversial. There’s no drainage, I’m not watering like that at this point. But less oxygen can get to the roots, but everyone does things their own way. I try every way all at once it seems.

See the next container is ready except Myko innoculant, which I will add a layer to base and walls of the hole when it’s time to transplant up/down.

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Well I was talking about set up etc