My first indoor grow and need help

I have a problem with one of my granddaddy purple, I’ll try to load a few pics but no guarantees. My lighting is a HLG 650R in a 4.5 x 6 room in a mixture of happy frog and ocean forest in 5 gallon buckets. My pH has ran from 6.1 to 6.7…mostly around 6.4 and the ppm has ran from around 700 to around 900. And I use a 3 in 1 meter to soil moisture and I’m letting them get a little dry then watering as needed.

The problem is the leaves on one of the granddaddy purple are droopy like too dry or too wet but I’m definitely not over watering and the leaves don’t perk up after a watering. Is there anything else I might have missed? I have only fertilized once a couple of weeks ago using Down to Earth bat guano (7-3-1) at slightly less than label directions. I didn’t want to overwhelm the plants since I know that the Fox Farms soil has enough nutrients to last awhile. Let me try to load the pictures now.


Those metters are not very accurate most often.
There is an easy way to know when to water though and after you do it a few times it becomes 2nd nature to you…

It’s really easy.
1st let them dry out just till the leaves droop and you know it’s from needing water. (Only have to do this once so dont worry it want hurt them)
But once they droop, lift the pot just a little and you’ll see how light weight it is.
Then water it really good and try to lift it again and you’ll see it weights alot more.

We can’t see or feel the water in the pot but you’ll be surprised at how well we can feel the difference in weight.

Try it now on the droopy one.
If you haven’t watered yet, see if its lighter weight then the ones not drooping


I already use the weight method just to back up the meter…it came in a 3pack with vivosun pH meter and TDS/EC meter. Both granddaddy’s are weighing the pretty much the same when I check them. Right now I’m running the lights at 50% power but I’m probably going to flip in a week or so and up the power to 75% or so and go 12/12 on lights. Yeah, I know I’ve made some rookie mistakes… like growing more than 1 variety at a time (that granddaddy took off quick) while the super lemon Haze (in the middle) and the girl scout cookies (on the right side of the room) both grew into a fat round ball… and yes,if you could see through the leaves there’s plenty of that gardening wire training it.


that droopy one just looks thirsty to me
how often are you watering and how much water approximately are you running through? are you getting a run off?

I think the plants look good, maybe just thirsty, could probably use a decent trim. and im not noticing any fans, is there some good airflow?


I water whenever the buckets feel light and the meter says dry… usually I water about every 5 days or so and have been giving them about a half gallon of water. I use a 32 oz cup with a small hole to slowly water the plants and I’ll have a small amount of drainage every time.

I have 2 fans,1 about 2 or 3 ft and the other about 5+ ft. The temp is between 72f to 78f and humidity is between 50 and 70%. While this is my first indoor grow, I’ve grown outdoors for many years and usually when I’ve seen leaves like this it’s needing a drink. But the leaves one this one don’t perk up after a watering and I know what happens when you over water…it’s usually as bad or worse than under watering in my opinion.

I’m going to do some trimming in a few days when I get ready to flip to increase air flow and open up the canopy so they catch more light. I’m scratching my head trying to figure out why that one is not doing well when the others look great. I don’t see anything on the stem or leaves like mold or pest problems. I haven’t posted a lot on the forum but I’ve read a bunch and picked up enough pointers to feel comfortable trying indoors…there are some very knowledgeable people on here and appreciate any others thoughts on what might be causing this.

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in my opinion, I’d say u got it all covered

for flowering indoors, definitely recommend keeping humidity between 55-60% , 70 can be high

i think half a gallon of water is not a lot for a 5 gal pot, i say dont be scared of getting more run off.
overwatering is caused by watering too often, not too much. u can have as much runoff as u choose as long as the water gets dry between waterings without any worry of overwatering. a lot of people mistake the cause of overwatering.

i use 5 gal fab pots, and i only water maybe every 3-5 days. but i run about 2 gallons through each plant and get about a half gallon of runoff. this is about the goal at this point 20-30% runoff

i have had the droop issue only when i water one less than the others, ive had one get droopy because it wasnt getting enough water even through i was watering it, or if i wait too many days in between a watering.

thats all i got, i wish u luck, u definitely got it all covered plants look insanely healthy! Hopefully more people can chime in, more opinions the better


Right now I’m in my 6 hours of darkness but when the lights come back on, I’ll try adding a gallon this time. Appreciate the compliment on my plants, I know us “parents” always think our “babies” are beautiful but it’s nice to hear that others feel the same way. Like I said before I know I’m made mistakes but hopefully I won’t make the same ones again.

Oh, before I forget I know I’ll need to run a dehumidifier when the buds start growing well. I know I’ll need to keep the humidity between 40 and 50%.I live in a very humid area and know all about bud rot from growing outdoors. It’s one of the reasons I’m trying an indoor grow …it’s a heartbreaker growing nice plants only to lose a big chunk to bud rot.

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i totally agree, i haven’t had the issue yet myself as long as the humidity around the buds stays 55-60%. i guess under 50 could dry em out but over 65 could cause rot. just what i was told, but 55 is the perfect number.
getting a dehumidifier saved my ass as far as that goes, i have huge humidity problems outside as well haha, so i definitely get that aspect. but i think indoor also needs a lot more care an attention. which im sure we dont mind giving them most days lol

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Thanks for the heads up on the humidity…I’ve seen the percentages go from 40 on up to 60. Usually higher in veg and lower in flower on YouTube videos. Guess I thought a little bit too low in flower is better than too high.

As far as difficulty in growing, for my ol’ butt, outdoors is a whole lot harder. It’s over 100f outside and toting water to a guerilla grow isn’t my idea of fun…lol. but the things we do for the things we love.

Here’s a little of my outdoors this year… gorilla glue and a white widow…both over 7ft.

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thats so nuts :clap::exploding_head: i wanna try an outdoor grow soon, im about to move to a nice private house with some space to do so, next year ill be giving that outdoor growing a shot, too late this year of course.
thats pretty insane how big an outdoor tree can yield (given the climate is good)
how much do u get in yield off of each of them monsters?
looks like maybe u grow in the woods or close to it?
would that make it more humid from all the trees if i were grow in the middle of the woods? i wonder

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In my humble opinion, next indoor grow try coco. I used soil for years and I never got the problems I had in soil when using coco. You water daily without fail, no measuring ppm in runoff, you feed daily. Yes, it’s a pain in the butt to make a gallon per plant everyday in later stages. The results are very positive. I also use 3 gallon fabric pots and it saves on cost to fill them. I just buy the Canna coco bricks and rehydrate them in a 5 gallon bucket. 5.8 ph of water going in, full strength Jack’s 3-2-1, Fulvic Acid powder, Silica powder, Fishsh!t and Bud XL in flower. I also hit it with Recharge once a week.


sorry that was meant for @Metaldawg

either way, great info. i plan to use mother earth coco as well for my next grow. so its good info to have around regardless who its for, thanks!

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Not a problem, Coco has been a gamechanger for me the last 3 years. I even use coco on my tropical plants on the patio and they love it too.

It’s in an overgrown old pasture that I’ve built up over the years with compost and chicken litter. It gets enough sunlight but with the growth that’s around the plants, I don’t get enough air circulation especially from around now until harvest because of the humidity in the Mississippi Delta. We’ve already had a few mornings where the fog didn’t leave until 9 to 10 am. Can’t really cut the cover back too much, don’t want to make it easier to spot.

On the taller ones I should be getting 1.5 to 2 lbs but I’ve lost up to 50% to bud rot in previous grows . I’ve tried everything from lollipopping to spraying a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide to stop the bud rot . Now I do have some plants (Runtz, Girl scout cookies, Blue Dream) that are about 5 and fat that usually grow around 3/4 lbs to around 1 lbs.

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I agree found channels thro my 5gal pots where water didnt even go, dry and wet sections, upon dumping soil. unless I water slowly with over a gallon I dont think it’s feeding the entire root system. No prob putting at least 2 gal thru that and wouldnt hurt to try

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I’m just starting out growing indoors Highwayman420 and the way my luck goes I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. I will probably try a couple of plants that way the grow after the next…still have bags of both Happy Frog and Ocean Forest to use. Plus I want to feel a bit more sure that I’m not messing it up. I might have grown outside for a while but indoors is a little different. Appreciate your advice.

Ya, I’d be lost growing outdoors. I know Ocean Forest is HOT soil. I switched to Coast of Maine Stonington Blend when I was using soil. Good stuff. Happy Frog and Ocean Forest is good stuff too, don’t get me wrong. Just kinda hot for my taste. Coco is neutral and doesn’t build up salts, no flushing required. Hit me up anytime whenever you need help with coco (if you go that route).


I’m still waiting on my lighting to come back on and I’m pouring at least a gallon on it. I’m also watering via a 32oz cup with a small hole in the bottom so it trickles down instead of the water overwhelming the soils ability to soak it all in. I usually use a gallon milk jug with a small hole on my outdoors plants…saves water and puts it where needed.

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Be aware of old soil, depending on the ingredients and moisture, old stored soil can be problems. If they used lime to buffer pH it will disolve faster in moist soil and the pH will be way off and flushes will cause problems, there’s an article about it on ProMix website maybe theyre just trying to sell soil anyway similar formulas and ingredients.
edited cool on the h2o if I water like that very slowly two liters I got a trickle out the bottom was in 5gal wood box or plastics, same thing

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