Help, my plants are dying!

I’ve lost a plant over night and another one has droopy leaves. The one that I lost just fell over. It was fine yesterday I even took pics of it for my grow journal and I just checked on it and it was fallen over in the pot. I have another one who’s leaves are droopy but is growing hydroponic and the one growing with it in the same water is fine. Pics included.

This is the one that fell over taken last night. I put back in the dirt but I think it’s a goner!

This is the droopy one taken last night and just now.

I’m on my first grow and don’t have much advice, but that’s a tough one to wake up to my condolences on the one that died. I hope someone here can help you remedy the droopy gal before it’s too late. I’m trying to understand what you have going on there. Is it organic soil in a net pot in a DWC?

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plants were doing good, until just recently…what changed?
check your ph. btw…ideal hydro ph is not same as soil.
recalibrate your PH meter to be safe.

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tanlover I think he is confused because each plant is feeding off the same hydro res? and minx, along those lines, if you do have soil on top of hydro the ph in each net pot would need to be checked along with the res to get an cleat idea of each plants ph range in that case…

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Happy Frog Soil growing in H2O with nutes.

PH is 6.0. PH meter has been recalibrated and still ready 6.0.

The ph of the solution is 6.0, but the ph in the soils of the sick/vs healthy plant may be the variable. Do you have a soil tester?

I read that it could be overwatering but I’m growing hydro and honestly did not think you could over water hydro. Nonetheless, I took droopy out and letting her dry out over night and poking holes in soil in the am to aerate and let more oxygen get to roots. I’m also moving over to cloth pots but can’t do Smart Pots as they don’t have handles and I would need handles to keep them from sinking.

@Minx there’s a lot to unpack here.

Fox Farm Happy Frog is a soil. You’re calling it hydroponic. I think you need to reset back to zero, and follow a soil-based grow guide.


Hydro a soil - less mix
But you can over water hydro even in hydro you have to let your medium dry out like drip system mine 1 hour off 15 min on

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I really don’t know much about any soil/hydro combo. Nicky is an autopot guru he might be able to shed some light on this for you if a mod doesn’t chime in first…good luck bro.

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KeystoneCops, I guess you could say that I’m doing a mix of soil and hydro. I’ve consulted several people and they’ve done this route as well and it worked for them. Happy Frog helps balance PH in soil and water with nutrients.
Everything has been perfect up until last night and all other plants look perfect even the one growing in the same water as “Droopy”.
This is however my first grow ever and I would much rather it be trial than error.

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Hydroponics means something specific. Anyone who told you that feeding nutrients to a plant in soil was “hydroponics” was misinformed and gave you misinformation.

I’m not being a stickler about the glossary here (I’m a stickler, but that’s not why I’m insistent here). If you try to find information, it’s important that you have the terminology correct. You cannot apply hydroponics advice to soil and expect good results.

There are a lot of comprehensive web guides out there for free. I like cocoforcannabis dot com. And there are lots of podcasts about cannabis cultivation (Freeweed/Grow Bud Yourself is a beginner-friendly one that I mostly agree with). And there are lots of books (in spite of it’s flaws, I think Jorge Cervantes’ book is a good starting point).

I hope that info helps.


Yes it does and I greatly appreciate your help. I will follow your advice and read the book you suggested.

Back to your current issue, is it possible someone or something knocked the plant over? Perhaps a cat, or even a pest?

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What is the temp in your tent looks like your leave are sweating pretty good there on the bottom

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75 degrees.

“Droopy” is #1.
#2 is going crazy and getting tall for a dwarf at 17”.

#3 is growing slower than #4 which as you can see is getting a little crazy herself. I topped off #3 and #4.

Not a possibility! I have them growing in a closet that I keep locked up. I’m the only that goes on there and I’m a dog person.